Gitcoin: The Hottest Crypto This Week

Briefly –

– Gitcoin (GTC) has been surging after Coinbase Pro and Binance listing.
– Buy your Gitcoin with the best services and lower charges.
– What is the future of Gitcoin?

Gitcoin became the hottest crypto this week after an $18 increase in value. With that, crypto investors are trying to find the best places to purchase GTC online. If you are among them, this article has what you need.

Let’s dive into the Gitcoin world, analyzing its origins, price prediction, and investment predictions. Are you ready for that? Find where to buy Gitcoin after understanding its details.

Where and How to Buy GTC Today?

Firstly, the best way to buy your cryptocurrencies is through online crypto exchanges or trading platforms. These are legitimate and regulated crypto platforms that can allow you to create your crypto investing portfolio hassle-free.

After detailed research, our expert analysts decided on two platforms for now. If you are interested in user-friendly interfaces and favorable charges, you can try these picks.


Among the popular online crypto exchanges, eToro has gained more followers recently. You can visit their platform to see why crypto enthusiasts prefer the broker.

Capital is a growing crypto platform with a responsive interface and powerful crypto charts. With the broker, you will enjoy good spreads, 0% commission, and no hidden costs.

What is Gitcoin?

Scott Moore and Kevin Owocki launched Gitcoin, a crypto site that focuses on promoting open-source projects in the community.

GTC is Gitcoin’s governance token. The native coin is essential in creating Gitcoin DAO that governs the platform and for funding purposes.

Should You Buy GTC?

If you want a project with a lucrative future, you may consider GTC. However, keep in mind that altcoins are more volatile and risky during the early stages of development. Coinbase Pro and Binance added the coin recently. Maybe the coin is prepared for mainstream, with the potential to gain more in the future.

Gitcoin Price Prediction

Predicting coins at their early stages can be challenging since the figure are mostly unreliable. However, the crypto pace is unpredictable, volatile, and dynamic with technical analysts focusing on long-term rather than near-term profitability. With that concepts, GTC seems impressive.