Grayscale to Integrate LINK, BAT, and Four Other Digital Asset Trusts

Grayscale may be on track to incorporate more digital assets. Though the company has not been explicit on this report, pundits have noted that because of the new filings uncovered that involve somebody creating a Grayscale ChainLink Trust on December 18 last year, the conclusion that Grayscale is creating some trusts may not be far from the truth. In addition to the above, stakeholders observed that more trusts such as BAT, LPT, and two others were recorded hours later.

Grayscale partners with Delaware Trust

The new official collaboration between Grayscale and Delaware Trust Company is one of the closes that credited this assumption. Delaware Trust Company is a service provider to Grayscale. In 2013, Grayscale sent its Bitcoin Trust proposal via the same channel and is now one of its service providers as listed on the website.

But contrary to expectations, the name of the agent found on the trusts was not Grayscale but Delaware Trust Company. Hence, stakeholders who are already optimistic should realize that trust cannot be seen as a real phenomenon because of the attrition rate attached to the concept. A typical example of this assertion is Filecoin Trust that was listed in Oct. 2020. But till now, no significant outcome has been noted from it since the introduction. Besides, in the same month, Grayscale recorded Stellar Lumen but made it public only after six weeks.

As time goes on, genuine information about these trusts will be made to the public. But that is if the Grayscale leadership is still intact. In less than a month after the trusts were listed, Barry Silbert relinquished his position as the Grayscale CEO while a new helmsman was appointed.

What is unsure is whether the new leadership will to Silbert’s path or start a new policy. Despite the uncertainty shrouding this trust, ChainLink proponents are unrelenting in their push for Grayscale. According to the Grayscale CEO, the company is always ready to meet investors’ needs and expectations.

Grayscale might be attracted to altcoins due to the continuous rise in the value of the asset

The fresh attention LINK and other altcoins have attracted recently should not be surprising. Since the beginning of the year, altcoins have been performing excellently. The LINK has hit its record level seven times, surpassing the $20 landmark this month, with a cap nearing Litecoin. It is noteworthy that Grayscale is not just interested in any altcoins but the ones that have good prospects and tangible projects that are more than a mere payment network.

Grayscale is the global leader in the management of crypto asset management. It has in its custody up Io $25 billion assets in its management. It has a bitcoin AUM share of more than $20 billion– the largest share.Grayscale is a digital asset company with an increasing appetite for cryptocurrencies. The question now is if Grayscale is ready to diversify owing to the bullish momentum altcoins are forming recently.