Here Is Why Ted Cruz Asks United States Congress Merchants To Start Accepting BTC

According to a report published on the behalf of Breitbart News, Ted Cruz (a U.S. Senator) has proposed a resolution to take BTC right to Congress. The official of the government introduced this legislation on 1st November for the respective institution to enhance the awareness as well as involvement thereof in the digital assets. In the report, Cruz presented a Transaction resolution consisting of an Exchange of Payment. After being approved, three chief departments across the Congress of the U.S. would require to embrace BTC (Bitcoin) as an exchange method.

The crypto adoption and Cruz

The offices under the Architect of the Capitol, the House of Representatives Chief Administrative Officer, and the Senate Secretary would require following the legislation. This figures out that they would need to have deals with the providers of vending machines and food services while utilizing BTC as a payment method. Additionally, the gift shops related to congress would require organizing a Bitcoin as well as an overall crypto-friendly mechanism having the capability of fulfilling the legislation submitted by Cruz. The Senator, particularly in 2021, appeared as a Bitcoin proponent.

While the attempts of a few of his associates to restrict the crypto industry through the infrastructure bill, the proposed bill was publically declared as violence over crypto, by Cruz. Following the approval of the bill on the floor of the Senate, it was commented by Cruz that Senate brought out an enormous bill to spend the money of the American people over the stuff that is unaffordable by them. He straightforwardly mentioned it to be harmful and reckless. On this, several within the crypto field sensed that a general sentiment had been voiced by Cruz. Following that moment up till now, he has been relatively more prominent in the public by mentioning crypto to be a likely solution to assist in the improvement of the electrical grid of Texas.

Texas having massive crypto adoption

As reported by Bitcoinist, Texas is included in those U.S. states which have a spiking adoption of Bitcoin. Along with Florida, the state could seemingly turn out to be a hub for Bitcoin across the country, with having friendly legislation, especially for the mining sector of Bitcoin. Providing more detail about the proposal thereof, Senator Cruz revealed that he is in favor of transforming the Congress of the United States to a prominent institution regarding Bitcoin as well as crypto adoption.