Highly Anticipated Bakkt Crypto Wallet App Is Out and Available For Download

The days of anticipation are over. Bakkt App has been successfully launched which was developed by Bakkt Holdings LLC. The company claims that the app is going to become a game-changer in the crypto space because it has the power to bring leading digital assets at one platform.

The newest crypto app has been designed and developed by a member of the crypto industry namely Bakkt Holdings LLC. The application has been named after the company and is called “Bakkt App”.

It has been claimed by Bakkt App’s developing company that the users will be empowered to utilize their cryptocurrencies at their free will. There will be participation rewards in the app which can be utilized by users for converting them in either cash or crypto. Similarly, the rewards can be cashed out in Bitcoin as well as Ethereum, which totally depends upon the users’ desires. Furthermore, the users will also be able to earn gift cards and loyalty points which too can be cashed out. The application has been designed that it will reduce the costs against payments while subsequently giving rise to merchant loyalty incentives.

At pre-launch app stage, the company behind the app launched an invitation program. Through this program, the app acquired pre-launch customers through invitation. Before launch it was noted that the app accumulated almost 500,000 plus users. However, with the official launch of the app, additional features have been added for bolstering users’ interest.

Bakkt Holdings LLC has announced that the application has been supplied to Google PlayStore and App Store. Any intended person who wants to use the app for crypto purposes can download the app free of cost. Similarly, Bakkt Holdings has also partnered with industry leaders such as GolfNow, Fiserv, Starbucks, Choice Hotels and Best Buy for app’s promotion.

At the occasion, the CEO of Bakkt, Gavin Michael said that they are glad that they have successfully launched the app. He said that the app will ensure the accessibility of digital assets to all globally.

Bakkt Holdings LLC was established by a group of investors namely Intercontinental Exchange in 2018. The aim of developing Bakkt was to ensure public participation in the mass adoption of crypto assets. In addition, a platform was aimed to be provided which can allow users to transact their crypto transactions efficiently and robustly. Most importantly, the aim of the app was to give power to the users to execute their crypto transactions on the basis of multiple crypto assets. Otherwise, majority of the applications are single-purposed app which allow only to transact in one particular crypto asset.

It has been claimed by the developing company that the app is going to become a game-changer in the crypto industry. It was told that the app comes with the option where the users can also enter their Starbucks cards on it.