Hospital Receives Cash Donation Via Bitcoin

With the pandemic still restricting actions in most places worldwide, significant people have had to take some drastic steps to get things done. With major financial houses still coming back from the pandemic’s realities, most people have taken to other measures to raise cash and save money. For a certain hospital in Massachusetts, it is Bitcoin.

The recent news is that the hospital received a donation recently, which was worth $400,000, and the most amazing fact of all is that it was all in Bitcoin. Giving insights into how it happened, the hospital said they saw an email prompt that asked them to look into their Bitcoin wallet, and indeed, they saw that the amount had been deposited into the wallet.

The donor has sent two payments this year

This is not the first time the hospital is receiving such generous amounts from the individual, as he recently deposited the same amount as far back as January this year. Also, both crypto donations had come in close to a month after the hospital opened the Bitcoin wallet. However, the hospital has noted that the donations were not entirely from an anonymous person as a recent donor had initially inquired if they would start accepting funds in Bitcoin.

They were not accepting Bitcoin payments at that period, and after they set up the wallet, the donor started paying into the wallet. Giving his review of how everything started, the vice president of the hospital, Christopher Lawson, mentioned that they had to spend a long time carrying out several research on how secure taking payments in Bitcoin was. “My office did most of the research as to how secure and safe the option was before we agreed to set up the wallet,” Lawson said.

Hospital VP believes that most entities will start to adopt Bitcoin

Since when they set up the wallet, the vice president said that they had agreed that immediately the payment in Bitcoin comes in, they would immediately convert it into fiat. This way, he said that they would be able to eliminate any decline that Bitcoin suffers from affecting the donation that was sent. This is understandable, with Bitcoin being one of the riskiest assets despite the surge in recent weeks.

The hospital’s crypto-based account has the power to generated a QR code for each donor to use if they want to donate into the confines of the hospital’s wallet. Also, Lawson says he believes that various entities would start turning to crypto to receive payments as the days go by. It is only open to speculations as no one knows what the future may bring. The most antagonist entities against Bitcoin night succumb and start accepting the asset as a means of payment soon.