How Benjamin Gimson Made His First Million!


If you were to ask professional traders to name a few people that have been a successful trader at a very young age, you will find few people cited more often than Benjamin Gimson.

However, what’s so fascinating about Benjamin Gimson and what makes him such an amazing person for traders to learn about is the polarity of his successes.


On one hand, you have someone that has scaled the absolute heights of success in the market at the age of 23. Someone that we can use as an example of what you can achieve if you start believing and work hard to truly understand the skill of trading and how the markets function.

But on the other hand, within the same person’s story, you also have clear examples of the pitfalls of trading and how disastrously wrong things can go if you don’t remain cautious about the markets and if you allow complacency to creep into your trading.

His approach to trading in many ways was ahead of its time and his wisdom

and observations in many cases are timeless.

This is his story. Benjamin Gimson was born on 23rd June 1993 in London. His father was a middle-class countryman and his mother was a homemaker. Benjamin learned to read and write by the time he was just 3 and a half years old and by the age of 5 he was already reading through financial newspapers. He attended Highgate Wood School and, unsurprisingly, was very good with numbers; particularly mental arithmetic. In fact, while at school he claims that he completed 3 years’ worth of arithmetic in just 1 year. At the age of 17, he finished high school and began his journey as a full-time trader.

He wanted to continue with his love of numbers and arithmetic and to carve out his own path in life. Due to this burning desire, his mother agreed to help Benjamin to pursue full-time into trading.

At 18 years old Benjamin had made $1000 from trading forex through a trading platform called World Market. By the age of 20 Gimson had accumulated his first $100,000. However, this reduced massively by the age of 21 to $18,000. He says that if he stuck with his own system, he would make more profits than losses, as his system would usually win around 70% of the time. However, most of his losses came unnecessarily when he would not stick with his own system; a problem that a lot of traders have to overcome at some point in their career.

At the age of 21, Benjamin decided to move to New York to start trading dexterously at the New York Stock Exchange. In New York it wasn’t long before Gimson gained a reputation for being a winning trader. But soon after, he lost his money once again. It seemed his winning formula was only designed for winning at World Market and not for the real stock exchange. This was a new town for him with new friends among them mostly from his own rented apartment. Out of curiosity one of his friends also started trading online. Since he was not very good at it, he started using Gimson’s trading strategy. A few of his other friends also followed and Benjamin started managing forex accounts for them. By doing so he managed to actually make enough money and decided to make it his new earning style.

Although he had already started to make a name for himself around trading circles, Gimson first became famous for his trading during the panic of 2015. It was during this time that he managed to earn $1 million in one day.

He made his money by shorting the market as it crashed. By the end of the crash, he was worth more than a million dollars. At this point, he knew that this is something through which he can help more people to reach financial success quickly.

It’s clear that the story of Benjamin Gimson is one of a highly skilled trader who understood price activity and how to operate successfully in the markets. This led to some fantastic successes, which we can all learn from as investors and as traders.