How Bitcoin’s Inventor Kept His Identity Secret Even after 12 Years

Ever wonder who was the person behind the creation of the present-day phenomenon i.e. Bitcoin? Of course not because usually, this is the gospel truth. Humankind forgets those who were the source of landmark inventions through their inventions remain to facilitate the masses.

However, in the case of Bitcoin, the situation is opposite. Whether it was deliberate or unplanned, it really worked well. The alleged creator of Bitcoin, who is widely known by the name “Satoshi Nakamoto” did not give the chance that someone ever forgets him. Instead, every day, since the day of Bitcoin’s inception, he is remembered literally on daily basis. Until to date, there is a mystery surrounding the Bitcoin phenomenon as to who is the person behind it.

There is nothing much about Satoshi Nakamoto because when he invented Bitcoin he cut himself off from the rest of the world. Even the gender of Satoshi Nakamoto is unknown and the name given to Bitcoin’s inventor is a made-up name. However, there is consensus amongst the crypto majority that Nakamoto is a man. His identity was kept secret even with those who were part of the Bitcoin project and helped him develop the world’s first digital currency.

However, there are certain things that we are compelled to believe regarding Nakamoto. For instance, the crypto was seen celebrating Nakamoto’s 46th birthday on 5 April every year. However, whether it is a fact or an assumption is still a folded mystery.

There are several arguments concerning Nakamoto. For example, a majority believes that he is keeping himself away from the digital world for the reasons best known to him. On the other hand, a minority thinks that the inventor has died long ago. Yet again, whether he is dead or alive, one thing is certain that he could be the world’s richest man of the time. It is believed that when he created Bitcoin, he kept 1 million coins for himself. Currently, the value of Bitcoin is over US$ 60,000. One can only imagine how much money in the form of Bitcoin is available with Nakamoto.

Once again, whether this is a fact that Nakamoto owns 1 million Bitcoins is not confirmed by any material facts. There is yet another argument, which is an absurd one. It is believed by many that there is a chance that Nakamoto may have lost access to his Bitcoins as well.

However, there are people in the world who have raised claims that they are Satoshi Nakamoto. However, when they were taken to certain tests, their claims were found to be unauthentic. However, the fact is that Satoshi Nakamoto is still the world’s most mysterious figure. At least 12 years have passed since Bitcoin’s invention, yet no one is able to unveil the mystery of the century.