How the Platforms Like Seaquake Are Going to Have an Impact on Economic Trends 2020


From smart mobility to 5G to preventative medicine, the upcoming year 2020 will see major trends driving worldwide growth over the next years. A significant shift will occur in the global balance of economic power. Companies and digital asset exchanges will look for more advanced platforms and technology to enhance their productivity and efficiency. So the platforms like will continue to flourish, as they provide companies with innovative solutions to meet their modern-day business requirements.


Seaquake is a team of creative minds dedicated to stabilizing the digital assets market using proven technologies to modernize fragmented infrastructure and offer efficiencies in the market. The Seaquake platform achieves this using their core engine called Orbis, which allows increased volume, stability and liquidity for partner digital-asset exchanges. Their team is comprised of the best names in the industry; Andrew Katz, Dylan Knight, Matthew Krueger, and Daniel Large.

What sets Seaquake apart from the rest is that it offers comprehensive data capture, access to fair pricing, low latency execution, transparency and stability, improved liquidity and lower manipulation risk. Seaquake’s products are an ideal choice for companies wanting to optimize their liquidity, performance, growth and volume.

Here’s what Seaquake has to say about its services:

‘’Seaquake is on a mission to stabilize the digital asset market through innovation, infrastructure and time-tested market efficiencies. Seaquake has been in stealth development mode for +3 years creating a complex trading engine, Orbis, built on the logic and algorithms of quantitative models used in traditional asset classes, such as FX, Futures, or NYSE, to improve fragmented infrastructure and trade flow in the markets.’’

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