How to Give Someone Bitcoin as a Christmas Gift?

Bitcoin as a Christmas Gift

Want to give Bitcoin as a Christmas gift to your loved ones? Don’t know where and how to do it? No fuss, you are at the right place. is an online platform especially designed for those who want to give Bitcoin as a gift to their family members, friends or colleagues. Sending Bitcoin as a gift has never been easier! The platform employs a one-of-a-kind technology to provide you with top of the line Bitcoin gift delivery services you can’t get anywhere else.

The team at Biterica is very friendly to listening to your questions. They take their users’ security quite seriously and work in conjunction with Coinbase and Blockchain, the world’s leading crypto wallet providers, to strengthen security measures. The platform takes only two minutes to successfully deliver your Bitcoin gift to the intended recipient. It’s amazing, isn’t it?

Getting started with Biterica is super easy and people with even less crypto knowledge can comprehend how it works. You just need to type your recipient’s email address, set a budget, choose theme, personalize it with a note, and fund the gift with Bitcoin. After funding your gift with Bitcoin, a gift email is sent to the intended recipient and a confirmation email is also sent to the sender. The recipient then can log in to their Blockchain account and confirm the Bitcoin delivered as a gift.

Currently, users can use only Bitcoin as a form of payment to fund gift. The platform also plans to add other payment methods in the days ahead. What makes Biterica stand out from the rest is that it’s absolutely free. The main reason behind creating Biterica is to make Bitcoin more accessible through easy-to-use interfaces, according to the team at Biterica.

Here’s how it started:

‘’Biterica was started when founder Raz’s grandmother send a small gift with instructions to start a bank account for his daughter. Raz found that monthly banking fees would consume the gift in 10 months. Instead of storing dollars in a bank, Raz decided to start a Bitcoin account for his daughter. Raz found that gifting Bitcoin was unnecessarily complex so he set out to build a company to make gifting as simple and pleasant as possible. One of the best way to teach others about Bitcoin is by gifting them a taste.’’

If you or your friend is on the lookout for ways to send Bitcoin as a Christmas gift, be sure to give Biterica a shot. People who are using or have used Biterica say in favor of the platform. To know more about how it works, please visit their website or email them at

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