Huge Investors Accuse SBF Of His Victim Position

The cryptocurrency community joins SBF’s in its acknowledgment movement. During appearances on Good Morning America and the latest book meeting in New York, the former CEO of FTX faced a lot of criticism.

A month after its abrupt collapse, former CEO Sam “SBF” Bankman-Fried reveals that the company was misusing investor and customer finances to restore its position in the market. He made an apology to everyone. 

The recent interview

He stated that Alameda and customer funds on FTX were unwittingly mixed up. On December 1, SBF once more bemoaned its lack of knowledge of the situation that was happening within its own company in his Twitter space, which he co-hosted with Mario Nawfal, the founder and CEO of IBC Group.

His reaction was evasive when asked what had actually occurred. 

The cryptocurrency users expressed their concerns on social media in the wake of SBF’s denial and media tour.

According to CNN contributor Mary Catherine Ham, the media treated Elon Musk more harshly than the former FTX CEO, who wasted a lot of its clients’ money to save his company and failed.

She stated that the person who wasted ten billion dollars was questioned a lot but presented as a victim and cheered at the conclusion. 

The picture in the media

The scholarly works downloader and distributor, Aaron Swartz, was fined $1 million and given a 35-year prison term. In comparison with the SBF, he committed a much lesser crime, but still got a worse punishment.

And the CEO of FTX was almost made out to be a victim and cheered at the conclusion. 

What’s more, there is no doubt that the SBF has concealed more than $100 million. For his individual usage and investing aims, he also loaned billions of dollars to other risky or unclear places and financial companies. He owns a sizable number of offshore possessions. 

Watching the former CEO talk is similar to looking through a Casey Anthony film. They give lifelike performances despite being very mechanical.

A second personal consideration is how something is expressed. Mike Novogratz of Galaxy Digital launched a barrage of disapproval at SBF following the latter’s most recent public appearance in an interview at DealBook Summit.

SBF claimed that he hadn’t ever attempted to pull off a scam, but Novogratz referred to SBF as delusional in a statement to Bloomberg.