Huobi Global Announces New Partnership With BCB Group

The atmosphere surrounding the cryptocurrency services space recently had been witnessing rapid growth. The growth had been attributed to the growing mainstream acceptance of cryptocurrency, which has now seen the crypto space’s population size grow exponentially in the last 12months.

Such growth levels only mean that crypto servicing firms will have to upgrade their services and innovate products tailored to the needs of the users in the space. The demand for such upgrades in services will only mean that new partnerships and collaborations need to be formed to match the overall demands of the space.

The new partnership solves a long term problem

In a news article released by global cryptocurrency asset financing service firm Huobi Globa last Tuesday, it has announced that it had entered a partnership with European leading crypto payment service provider BCB Group to bolster its services. The partnership aims to allow the Seychelles crypto exchange to extend its trading to Europe, with the United Kingdom in mind. The partnership now means that Huobi Global will now offer settlements to their fiat currencies like Pounds and Euros via the BLINC network of BCB Group.

The new partnership aims to solve the trivial issue facing exchanges in the past, which does not allow their customers to transact between cryptocurrency and fiat currencies. In his statement to the press, Oliver von Landsberg-Sadie, the CEO of BCB Group, had expressed his delight at the new partnership that he believes will benefit the clients of Huobi Global.

Oliver affirms that his firm is available to provide a variety of regulates friendly trading processes for the customers and affiliates of Huobi Global. The words of Oliver have also been supported by Ciara Sun, Head of Global Business at Huobi Global, who believes that BCB is doing Huobi a big-time favor by giving them a free passage into leveraging on the booming European financial market for its customers, a move Ciara believes will bring long term sustainability in the end for her firm.

BCB Group have plans for more partnerships with exchanges

BCB continues to strengthen the cryptocurrency exchange space by the continuous provisions of related services. The crypto payment providers continue to help exchanges build sustainable links and platforms towards the European Market. Huobi is not the only crypto exchange to have enjoyed services related to this, as BCB had provided something of such to Bitstamp last year.

In Ciara’s statement, the firm is set to announce partnerships of this nature in the next quarter of the year. Huobi Global, in the same fashion, continues to follow its growth pattern keenly. The Korean arm of the exchange had moved to secure a new Korean license, which will allow its customers in the Asian country to cross-trade cryptocurrency across Europe.