ICO Catalog – The Ultimate Online Platform to Spot the Best ICO Investments

Are you on the lookout for the best Initial Coin Offering (ICO) investments? Having trouble shortlisting the best ones? Look no further than ICO Catalog, the one-of-a-kind independent ICO assessment platform that provides you with complete information about current ICOs worldwide. You can now track traffic, backlinks, and the users’ activity on the ICO website. Tracking ICOs has never been easier!

All the information displayed on the platform is 100% real and authentic. People who’ve used or are using ICO Catalog say cool and positive things about the platform. It utilizes the latest methodology and algorithms to evaluate users attitude to the ICO. Their back-end servers automatically process and receive ICO information. Different types of information appear on the front end on a different schedule:

  • Information on Activity, Potency and Evaluation is updated four times a day.
  • All the latest ICOs are updated once a day.
  • For each ICO, information on Traffic and Backlinks are added once a week.
  • Messages information is added four times a day. They update the information as it arrives.

The team at ICO Catalog works very industriously to bring you real time ICO information with greatest accuracy. It’s an ideal platform for everyone wanting to keep a close eye on all current ICOs worldwide. The user interface of the website is very easy and intuitive, and everyone even with less tech knowledge can comprehend everything. You can also know about particular ICOs by clicking on the ‘’Advanced Options’’.  



Here’s what the ICO Catalog says about its services:

‘’ICO Catalog is the world’s first service that in real time automatically collects and processes all information available on the current ICOs worldwide. We do not provide so-called “expert assessments” and “ratings” of the ongoing ICOs, our platform provides unique and reliable information collected from various sources on the daily basis, which cannot be found anywhere else. ICO Catalog will help you to choose the most promising project for investment and avoid mistakes and losing money in a doubtful ICO.’’

The platform is designed to help those who have problem identifying the best ICO investments. It’s perfect for both pros and novices who’re new to crypto world. The homepage of the website displays the EAP mini graph for each ICO listed on the platform. The Evaluation-Activity-Potency mini graph shows the accurate values of Activity, Evaluation, and Potency for 30 days, 7 days or a single day. The Potency parameter shows the influence of a current ICO on users. Its value can range from negative three to positive three. This feature will surely help you make the initial comparison of the Initial Coin Offering.

For more information, please visit their website or email at support@icoscatalog.com.

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