Institutional Investors Have Started Dumping Bitcoin For Ethereum

For almost too long institutional investors have shown their interest and liking to Bitcoin, and it still continues to this day, but there is a huge shift in this trend which is expected to hit in the upcoming months as these investors are now taking a very good shine towards Ethereum. The total assets for these investors under management regarding Bitcoin is falling by a factor of 7.8%, and the September of 2021 has been the month that has seen the lowest investment taking place into Bitcoin from the institutional investors.

According to recent research conducted by CryptoCompare, Ether-based products and services have reached a new all-time high market share under management in the last month. These movements suggest only one thing that institutional investors are taking a shine towards Ethereum, and they might be willing to ditch Bitcoin for Ether. The Grayscale’s Ethereum Trust remained without any doubt the most traded digital asset from Ether’s side in the last month as the daily trading volume on average for this specific asset went up to $250 million, an increase of 29% since August. It might all be speculative or just a misunderstanding, but taking a look at what Ethereum has to offer as compared to Bitcoin, it doesn’t seem like one.

Ether-Related Products Witness Growth

Institutional investors are very smart beings, they don’t want to entrap their investment into something that is not going to produce sufficient returns in the long run, and that is why they are channelling their investment from Bitcoin into Ether. Gold has also seen a decline in investment coming from the institutional investors and is right up there with Bitcoin as both have a dwindling relation with the investors right now because the ultimate returns are not that impressive.

Ether, on the other hand, having such a massive digital product library shows promising returns and any affiliation towards these specific products show investors a great promise for the future. When they see Ethereum, they see their investment secured yielding consistent returns; they can’t see the same happening with Bitcoin anymore.