InvestingCrypto: How Does This Broker Measure Up?

InvestingCrypto Review


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InvestingCrypto Review

InvestingCrypto logoToday, genuine opportunities to earn an additional or part-time income are very limited. The Covid-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on the economy, resulting in the loss of jobs and business for many around the globe.

On the other hand, during the pandemic, the popularity of online trading has grown as the number of people interested has increased. Therefore, the number of trading brokers has expanded significantly. In addition, the trading technology has advanced to accommodate traders’ needs – but do all of these brokers live up to their promises?

InvestingCrypto is one of the emerging online trading brokers that offer services for crypto enthusiasts, but not only. We will review their features and benefits to understand if it is genuine.

About the Brand

InvestingCrypto is a cryptocurrency broker that offers transparent and professional online trading services. A variety of assets is essential for professional traders; hence, InvestingCrypto allows traders to trade multiple assets apart from cryptocurrencies like CFDs on stocks, forex, indices, and commodities.

InvestingCrypto’s service offering comprises advanced technologies and safety measures to ensure optimal trading for its clients. Furthermore, traders who use InvestingCrypto will gain access to the crypto markets 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

About InvestingCrypto

Trading Platform

InvestingCrypto believes that online trading should be a secure and trusted experience, which is why it uses proprietary, fully optimized, web-based software as a gateway for traders to gain access to the financial markets.

This software combines market research with advanced technical tools designed to assist traders in making better financial decisions.

InvestingCrypto’s web-based platform is fully customizable, allowing each trader to tailor it to their specific needs. Traders can easily access the platform via a web browser from multiple devices with secure internet connections.

This trading interface is user-friendly and intuitive. Furthermore, it provides advanced charting and technical tools suitable for new and experienced traders. However, the platform is still not available as an app, downloadable on Google Play or the App Store.

InvestingCrypto trading platform

Account types

InvestingCrypto offers five account types: Basic, Standard, Gold, Platinum, and VIP. Every account comes with a unique set of advantages.

Basic, Standard, and Gold accounts, for example, receive leverage of 1:200, while other accounts receive higher leverage.

Daily news updates, market analysis, margin loans, account managers, and a trading academy are available to all users. Platinum and VIP accounts have access to personal portfolio managers and select VIP events; VIP also has a wealth manager, super tight spreads, and higher payouts. The smallest account can be opened with $10,000, with many benefits attached.


  • Account managers are assigned to all types of accounts
  • Multiple payment options are available
  • Professional customer support team to assist clients


  • Trading is only available on the web platform


To summarize, InvestingCrypto is a broker that offers services to both new and experienced traders, as well as resources to help traders improve their trading decisions and trade more professionally.

While the broker’s primary focus is on cryptocurrency trading, it also offers asset diversification options in other leading asset classes. Taking everything into account, they have well-crafted their features and are regarded as a trustworthy broker.