Investors Ignoring Digital Currencies Are Making Their Worst Mistake

Jacob Walthour, a qualified financial adviser from Blueprint Capital Advisors argues that the investors who are ignoring digital currencies and giving preference to equities are actually committing the biggest mistake of their lives. He suggests that equities will very soon be outperformed by digital currencies, particularly by Bitcoin and Ethereum.

CEO of Blueprint Capital Advisors namely Jacob Walthour isn’t the first qualified adviser who endorses his faith in digital currencies. He has been in the field of investment advisory for the past 25 years and has loads of experience in asset management and capital markets. Walthour specializes in equity investment advisory and has thousands of multi-million clients locally as well as internationally. In an interview with CNBC recently, Walthour gave his future perspective of cryptocurrencies.

He said that inflation has increased from 3% to almost 6% which is an alarming level. He further said that the financial system is centuries old and it has been evolving ever since. At first, humans used to barter which is a modernized form of trading but in barter humans traded things in exchange for things. Then came the real hard cash and then the cheques and thereafter electronic payment system. He argued that the global financial system was always so spacious that it has immeasurable space for evolution and crypto is an evolution. He commented that how fast crypto is being adopted worldwide shows that crypto has created its space within the existing financial system.

He stressed that the current equity market is lagging huge potential. However, the potential has moved into the digital currency market, and rightly so because it is the top adopted investment vehicle since 2019. He argued further that there are a number of entities across the world that have been accepting digital currencies as payment settlements. He advised therefore that those who are reluctant in accepting crypto as payment are actually making a big mistake. Similarly, for those who are preferring equities over cryptocurrencies, Walthore suggests that they too are misguided.

He, therefore, gives digital currencies an advantage over traditional assets like equities, etc. Walthore acknowledged that the majority of investment from the stocks markets is now moving into digital currencies. Putting it simply, he suggested that the traditional assets market has been outperformed by digital currencies.

While talking about equity markets, Walthore said that equities hadn’t sold too much in 2021. Instead, the market was slower than expected while the returns were almost to none. On the other hand, the crypto market was swelling in 2021 which did in fact outperform equity sales. Particularly in the end quarter of 2021, crypto sales were at their highest because the assets’ values were going down. He thinks that the year 2022 will be no different than 2021. In 2022 digital currency market will continue to outshine equity markets.