Investors Rejoice As BAT Hits New Heights

BAT (Basic Attention Token) has been quietly gaining support as its competitors struggle with lawsuits, drops in price, controversy, and restrictions. BAT is the native digital currency of Brave Browser, which is an open-source and free-to-use web browser based on Chromium and developed by Brave Software, Inc.

Just earlier on the 17th of March, BAT managed to hit new heights as it managed to close above the $1 mark for the very first time. Alongside its market capitalization, BAT is now up by well over 23% within the previous week alone.

BAT hits the $1.20 mark

It is worth pointing out that BAT is not an unpopular choice by any means, nor is it relatively unknown. While it is true that many investors would be more familiar with the likes of Bitcoin, Ethereum, or even Cardano now, BAT is still a solid, reliable option for many. More importantly, it is widely considered a safe option. The primary downside to choosing BAT in the past was that one would not expect to earn as much on their investment if they did decide to choose BAT if they did otherwise elect to go for BTC or ETH.

This, however, is changing, as BAT has now finally managed to reach the $1.20 mark. Although it has drifted here and there close to this amount, it has still nevertheless managed to keep itself above the $1 level for now at least. Also, just in the previous 24 hours, BAT has experienced a massive surge of 32%, which definitely contributed to it reaching its new all-time high.

Utilities to be expanded as BAT also plans to introduce search engine

Building upon their recent success, BAT now has plans of eventually launching its very own search engine. In an effort to establish a decentralized web, this search engine will not only ensure anonymity but will also hopefully be made available on both desktops as well as smartphones. It will also be made compatible with E-commerce stores in the future.

BAT’s recent success could also be attributed to its decision to have its token’s utility expanded. To this end, not only will it introduce the aforementioned private search engine, but it will also initiate a new and improve DeFi accessible wallet, complete with its own decentralized exchange.