Is David Gokhshtein Coming Out In Support Of XRP?

Cryptocurrencies have become so mainstream that they have managed to gather support from various types of people. While it was initially a niche investment opportunity that most people did not understand, its unprecedented success has made people more interested in investing as well.

Some of the people who have grown a softer side for cryptocurrencies are celebrities and influencers like David Gokhshtein. In fact, David has been so in touch with the latest happenings around the crypto market, that he even predicts that XRP will take the win over the SEC in court.

While certainly a bold claim, thanks to his incredible experience in the crypto field, it goes without saying that he understands that he understands how it works better than most people. So, suffice it to say that his predictions hold plenty of weight.

Looking to buy more XRP

If there is anything that defines Gokhshtein, it’s his ability to stir up a storm with his tweets. And with his latest one, he made waves in the industry when he said he’s looking to buy even more XRP.

XRP has struggled a lot more than most other cryptocurrencies in the market, mainly because it had trouble getting mainstream appeal. However, this case with the SEC could be just what XRP needs, according to Gokhshtein.

He said that if XRP manages to win the court case, its prices will likely skyrocket. Therefore, he’s looking to make a massive profit and is encouraging most of his audience to do the same.

Not just a rise in XRP price

Gokhshtein went a step further in his next tweet, where he said that it was likely for the entire market to go parabolic once XRP pulls through in court. So, plenty of cryptocurrencies will see a major boost in their sales.

However, due to the volatility of the market, there’s no way to really determine how long this boost will last. But Gokhshtein is almost certain that prices will rise following their win in court.

A major supporter of Meme coins

Meme coins were possibly one of the biggest additions to the crypto market. DOGE coin was an especially monumental addition since what started out as a joke became one of the biggest players in the industry.

Gokhshtein, of course, sees the incredible potential of these types of cryptocurrencies, which makes him such an avid supporter. He believes that these types of cryptocurrencies hold incredible promise, as long as the meme itself manages to stay relevant.

But with the constantly shifting online landscape, it is very unlikely that most memes will have the same shelf life as something like the Doge meme. However, as long as it can drum up enough support, things can work out for the cryptocurrency.