Is it Safe to Buy World’s Most Expensive Artwork (WMEA) Tokens?

Are you looking to invest in WMEA tokens or coins? Want to consider everything associated with WMEA Tokens? You’re at the right place. WMEA tokens are 100% safe and secure, and you can buy them without any apprehension. Created in 2018 by a German freelance artist Frederik F. Mettjes, the World’s Most Expensive Artwork (WMEA) is the world’s first crypto-artwork programmed by smart contract algorithms. The artwork employs a one-of-a-kind blockchain-based technology to make sure its price remains the most expensive in the world.

When it comes to the security and safety, the original digital painting along with its source code is securely encrypted and stored on Ethereum blockchain, meaning only the real owner has access to it. No other duplicate copy containing original HD quality exists. It’s a safe bet you can go with.

The algorithm used in the DNA of the artwork ensures the artwork will remain the most expensive in the world. Wondering how does it work? Well it’s linked through Ethereum Smart Contracts to the costliest artworks ever sold. So in that way the price automatically keep changing to the highest point in the market. Moreover, the artwork’s price increases regularly as it’s directly proportional to the rise in value and inflation rate.

You will need to spend 2,423,305 Ether to become the sole owner of this uniquely designed artwork. You can also buy its WMEA tokens to become part of the WMEA community. These tokens are based on ERC20 Token standard and are available to purchase. The artwork is comprised of one million tokens or coins and their price is determined by the current price of World’s Most Expensive Artwork.

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