Is it Safe to Work with SwitchDex? Everything You Need to Know


Want to consider everything involved before getting started with SwitchDex? No fuss, you’ve landed in the right place. Launched in March 2019, SwitchDex is a decentralized exchange based on the Ethereum blockchain technology.  When it comes to security, the exchange employs a very robust security system to avoid any hacking attempts. So, it’s completely safe to say that SwitchDex is 100% safe exchange for crypto investors and traders wanting to take their crypto and blockchain ventures to the next level.  


The exchange currently has six base pairs: ETH, DAI, USDC, TUSD, and PAX. What sets it apart from its competitors is that it charges no fees to list a token on the platform. There’re no restrictions on limits, and it doesn’t use or store any user information. You can fully rest assured that all your digital assets will be safe as long as they are on SwitchDex. 

You don’t need to pay for anything except a 0.2% taker fee. The exchange provides its users with a one-time flat fee amount to remove the platform fee once and for all. From April 1st through April 30th this fee is $20, which will increase 10$ per month until it tops out at $100 in December. All the fees collected by the exchange are airdropped to SDEX & ESH token holders. 50% of the collected fees are airdropped to ESH holders and the remaining 50% to SDEX holders. ESH and SDEX are the native tokens of and respectively. For more information about SwitchDex and, you can visit their websites or email at

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