Italian Giants A.C Milan Creates Fans Token

Many Blockchain technology firms have started leveraging the cryptocurrency space’s rapid growth to create, design, and execute new projects and products tailored towards the users in the space. While it is also obvious that the financial world has taken most of the interest in investing and trading in cryptocurrency, the sports segment has also started to show interest in a bid not to be left behind in the new trend. One of the most successful clubs in world football, A.C Milan, is now the latest football club to partner with Blockchain technology firm Chillz to create fan tokens $ACM.

The tokens are set to offer mouthwatering benefits to fans

In the fintech firm’s announcement executing the project for A.C Milan, Chillz, they have announced that the cryptocurrency token set to offer several rewards and opportunities to millions of the club’s fans will launch next week on The project had been in the pipeline for a while, as club directors have been touting an idea that will build a more solid communication between the fans and the club. The crypto-token offers innumerable access to the fans like taking part in club decisions, exclusive VIP rewards, and even earn other forms of rewards.

At the time of writing, the token is supposed to cost about $6.68. The first motive of the club when it launches the token will be for its fans who have now purchased the token to be able to decide on a new motto for the club, something that’s more inspirational and challenging that will help the players throughout the season. The club believes that it can leverage the number of followers it has across the world, estimated to be about 500 million, to execute such a large project.

A.C Milan has now joined the likes of Juventus, PSG, and Co.

While the new club tokens by A.C Milan is amazing, to say the least, it is worthy to note that the Italian club has now joined a list of other world elite clubs who have created fan tokens. At the time of writing, they are currently fan tokens for fans of Juventus, Barcelona, Paris-Saint Germain, and Turkish club Trabzonspor on Socios. The tokens have been used by fans of these clubs to make several decisions already this season.

Barcelona fans choose a design for the club’s dressing room, Juventus fans choosing a team celebration song for the club, and the list goes on. While the tokens are also a means of revenue generation for the club, their benefits are more valuable. Many other sporting outfits aside, football will also be looking towards sports organizations like NAVI, Alliance, and Co. now has fan tokens on The decision for sports ventures to create cryptocurrency tokens is set to benefit everyone involved, as crypto analysts and enthusiasts will be hoping that it continues to bolster the growth of the cryptocurrency space.