Jack Dorsey Unveils Bitcoin Academy with Jay-Z

Former Twitter CEO and the current CEO of Block, Jack Dorsey has entered into a partnership with Jay-Z and the two are coming together to offer people an education course on Bitcoin in Brooklyn, New York. The aim of the course is meant to create Bitcoin awareness and to help people understand the reasons they should take an interest in the world’s first cryptocurrency.

The Bitcoin Academy

The education program that Jay-Z and Jack Dorsey are launching together has been named ‘The Bitcoin Academy’. Najah J. Roberts and Lamar Wilson will spearhead the academy, as they have been quite active in the crypto space.

According to the website of The Bitcoin Academy, the goal of the program is to equip people with the knowledge required for overcoming the confusion and about the crypto sector and to break down the information barrier that exists. The website stated that even though Bitcoin is an open network, many people are unable to become a part of it because they do not have the financial knowledge and understanding required for it.

The website further said that the aim of the program is to provide education, so the community can be empowered with knowledge. This will help them in eliminating the barriers preventing them from learning more about Bitcoin as well as the crypto space in general.

The classes for the course will be conducted between June 22nd and September 7th. People in March, Brooklyn will have the option of taking the course online, or going for in-person classes. Those who attend the classes will be provided with dinner, data plans for a year, smartphones and also Mi-Fi devices.

During the weekend, the Bitcoin Academy will also conduct a program called ‘Crypto Kids Camp’. Children between the ages of 5 and 17 will be eligible for this program. The availability of the program will be expanded to some neighboring areas as well.

Ensuring Financial Independence

After the announcement of The Bitcoin Academy, Jay-Z also posted on Twitter. He said that the academy would provide people with the tools they need for building their independence as well as for those around them. Jay-Z has remained active in the crypto space for a while and his Twitter profile also has a CryptoPunk NFT.

As far as Jack Dorsey is concerned, everyone is well-aware that the chief executive of Block has been a major bitcoin supporter for a long time. According to Dorsey, the academy would help in supporting local economies, boost self-confidence and ensure long-term thinking. Dorsey also added that South America, Central America and Africa were some of the regions that had recorded a huge surge in Bitcoin adoption.

There are two countries in the world that have declared Bitcoin as legal tender and these are based in Africa and Central America. The first country that chose to make Bitcoin legal tender was El Salvador and it has already launched education initiatives for creating awareness about Bitcoin in the country.