Jim Cramer’s Warning Surrounding a Company Set to Go Public Soon

Jim Cramer

Jim Cramer has recently talked about a company that is to go public in the upcoming days. Jim Cramer, a major television celebrity and a highly reputed stock market analyst has shared his thoughts about Ivanhoe Electric.

Jim Cramer’s Warning against Ivanhoe Electric

Cramer has reportedly warned the investment community to stay away from the particular company. The company is planning to go public in the upcoming weeks. Ivanhoe Electric is reportedly a technology company that works on mining.

The technology company is set to hold its initial public offering (IPO) next week. During the IPO, the investors will be able to purchase its shares.

Jim Cramer has warned the investors not to invest in Ivanhoe Electronics even if it decides to go public next week. He has advised the entire investment community to avoid investing in the mining company at all costs.

Reason for Advising Investors to Avoid Investment

He advised the investment community not to bet on Ivanhoe Electric due to the space it is exploring. He added that the investors must not invest in Ivanhoe Electric as it is in its early stage.

Robert Friedland is reportedly the owner of the mining company. He is a known billionaire who has been in the mining business for a long time. As per the reports, Robert Friedland is planning to enough almost 14 million shares when it goes public.

It is expected that the ranges for the share prices of Ivanhoe Electronics will be set between $11.75 and $12.50. The Securities and Exchange Commission of the United States has shared the information surrounding the filing submitted by the mining company.

Initially, it was expected that the deal was going to take place and close in the running week. Now, the deal is going to take place somewhere in the next week.

Company’s making a Bad Decision

Cramer stated that despite many factors set to push the company into the negative zone, it is still going for the public launch. Making a decision to go public at a time when the inflation rates are on the rise, lockdowns in China, and the Russia-Ukraine war, Ivanhoe Electric is making a bad decision.

These are the red flags that should compel the investors to say ‘no’ to the company going live. It will be full of risks for the investors to invest in the company.

Jim Cramer has recommended that investors not invest money into the company without doing much analysis surrounding the company’s performance. It is important for the investors to go through the performance of the company before they can proceed with investing in its shares.