Joe Exotic Has Joined Crypto Community and Launched Tiger King Coin (TKING)

The release of several meme coins in the last few months has caused the launch of Joe Exotic’s Tiger King Coin (TKING). Joe Exotic expects that this new coin will reach a reasonable magnitude like former meme coins as Dogecoin. TKING coin is now available. With this, some programs have also been chalked out for the future.

It has been more than a decade since the introduction of cryptocurrencies with the two most popular ones naming Bitcoin and Ether. But in the preceding months, cryptocurrencies were rushed with a lot of new meme crypto coins. The aspiration behind the formation of these coins is to be disseminated and accepted frequently by the public on a vast level.

Several weeks back Carole Baskin announced the launch of the CAT coin. In a recent statement, Carole Baskin disclosed that CAT is not manufactured for investment or payment rather it is merely a fan stamp. It was declared on the official website of Joe Exotic that the collection made with TKING coin will be moved to his defence fund.

The functioning of the TKING coin

As claimed by the website, one trillion is the overall amount of TKING coin. The website confirms that 36% of this sum has been burned earlier. A glimpse of subsequent programs of TKING has been shown by the website. It has some succeeding phases including presale as the first stage in which the investors will be invited to invest in the project. This stage is followed by other stages aimed at the widening of the listings expanding and initiation of several NFTs

About meme coins

Meme coins are digital currencies that are associated with a meme (a humorous concept that is retold online after some change). This doesn’t prove them to be humorous at all. Recently, Elon Musk has initiated supporting Dogecoin.  The originator of Scalar Capital, Linda Xie, stated that the concept of the meme in crypto is important as public attention is better grasped by an adequate meme. She says that the price and value of the meme currency flairs as it is adopted after getting famous.

Even though these meme currencies are being popularized through the propagation of meme culture, yet it seems that meme coins are not going to end with TKING coin.