John McAfee’s Hideout Was a Secret Bitcoin Mining Farm

Though John McAfee is pronounced dead by committing suicide yet controversies are still surrounding his death.

McAfee was a person who was part of the cruel world where one day you are a hero and the other day you are a thief. He founded an organization that had a successful run in the field of software development. It was his company McAfee that gave the world the best-ever anti-virus software known as “McAfree Security”. The software took the reputations of McAfee Enterprise and its founder, John McAfee, to a whole new level.

McAfee then became one of the business tycoons of the US and the world. However, his days of victory lived very shortly and he was labeled as a thief in a crypto issue. Though he denied all the allegations yet the authorities found him guilty. He was then arrested and kept in a Spanish jail where he committed suicide last week and died.

Soon after the news of his death made global headlines, further shocking news came regarding the already deceased McAfee. The news revealed that the final hideout of McAfee was actually a Bitcoin mining farm. The farm was actively involved in the mining process of Bitcoin and was built secretly in a partially abandoned hotel in Spain.

The news report claimed Daurada Park Hotel was the place in Cambrils, Spain where McAfee spent his days absconding the agencies. However, during his stay at the place, he developed a fully operational Bitcoin mining farm. The media has labeled this partially abandoned hotel as a “ghost hotel”.

Although the hotel had not shut down completely, there were hardly any reservations. If there were query phone calls, no one was there to attend the queries and answer to calls. Even before the arrest of McAfee in 2018, the media asked the hotel’s management to give comments. However, the management opted not to give any comments. But the media grew concerned over the hotel and its activities. Later on, police raided the premises and found the operational farm but lack of jurisdiction could not take further action. While the suspicion was evidently there, yet the matter was buried deep under the sands of time.

It was later claimed by the hotel management that they had shut down the hotel as well.

Now the matter has once again made its way into the headlines. The latest news is suggesting that McAfee’s final hideout was in fact a Bitcoin mining farm belonging to McAfee himself. The authorities in the US are of the view that possibly McAfee had hidden crypto funds in the building of the ghost hotel. Even when McAfee was alive, he refuted hiding any crypto in there.

Evidently, McAfee is dead but the controversies are still following him.