Jorg Molt Who Claims Himself As Inventor of Bitcoin Got Arrested Over Pension Fraud

Jorg Molt is one of those men who raised the claims that they too were involved in the invention of Bitcoin. Yet, this self-proclaimed co-founder of Bitcoin has been taken down by Bavarian Police while he was at the Frankfurt Airport for the accusations of committing a fraud of pension. Police also found him involved in operating several crypto fraud schemes.

Since Bitcoin has come into the picture, there have been many men claiming to be the inventor of Bitcoin. Some of them claimed that they are the ones the world is looking for i.e. “Satoshi Nakamoto”. While some even raised the claims that they were the co-founders of Bitcoin and helped Satoshi Nakamoto in completing the Bitcoin project. There is a very long list of claimants who want people to accept them as part of the invention of Bitcoin. But when they were put to test, almost all of them failed to authenticate their claims.

Jorg Molt is no different. He is a German national of 48 years old and first raised the claim when he appeared at a conference held in 2019. It was the WCC Vegas Blockchain Week event where he told the public that he co-invented Bitcoin. However, his claim was immediately denied by one of the known co-founders of Bitcoin called Antonopoulos. According to Antonopoulos, Molt was a complete stranger whom he had never met in his life. So the question of inventing Bitcoin was nothing but a lie otherwise Antonopoulos would have recognized him instantly.

But the story of Molt was thereafter taken up by global media and he became famous overnight. Molt then showed the media a picture of him standing with him. Again, Antonopoulos denied having any connection with him and claimed that on daily basis he allows people to take selfies with him. But that does not mean that he knew most of the people taking selfies with him.

However, Molt was obstinate with his claims and continued to raise claims to date even. He also claimed that he has in his possession thousands of Bitcoin which he had acquired after Bitcoin’s launch.

What he earned by raising such claims was nothing but fame which he utilized for his own good. He thereafter managed to convince some people to recognize him as co-founder of Bitcoin. He then established websites where he also offered crypto schemes, particularly pension programs. Recently, he was traveling from the Frankfurt Airport where he was taken down by Bavarian Police. The reason for his arrest was reported to be involved in scamming a woman of 54-years old over a pension scheme.

After his arrest from the airport, the local police obtained a search warrant and went to his house. Upon further investigation, the police found further evidence establishing his connection with fraud activities. Still, the investigation is going on and the police have said it will issue an official statement in the meantime.