Las Vegas Strip Club Starts Accepting Bitcoin

There have been talks of Bitcoin adoption speeding up even when the price of the flagship cryptocurrency is showing all the downward trends, and the bullish run is nowhere near to accompany it. Financial adoption strictly limiting it to the industries, tech world, and business franchises is not the primary source of adoption for Bitcoin at all; on the contrary, it is the mainstream media that is primarily giving Bitcoin a chance by adopting the payment method.

The very first to do so was some sports team acknowledging Bitcoin and making it a payment method; some other important and notable contributions include Tesla accepting Bitcoin as the payment method, real estate enterprises in Florida listing Bitcoin as the authentic source for payment.

Las Vegas May Become a Center for Crypto Oriented Processing

All of these are the very organizations that have allowed payments to take place via Bitcoin, but you will be shocked to know that Las Vegas is in on the show, and surprisingly enough, not the Casinos but a strip club from now on will be accepting Bitcoin as a mode of payment. Crazy House 3 will become the first major strip club ever to have taken payments in the form of Bitcoin. It is one of the largest adult entertainment franchises that has decided to take up Bitcoin as one of the payment methods associated with the Lightning Network, an exchange setup powered up by a payment processor called OpenNode.

In the very beginning, the customers can only use Bitcoin, the largest cryptocurrency, for the sake of buying the VIP bottle packages; this is the very start that the club has decided to take on in the case of Bitcoin. Later on, the club has also mentioned that it is going to allow Bitcoin payments to authenticate the users for food, admission, and the tipping of the lap dances as well, but all of that is for a farfetched approach. This initiative is definitely going to blow a huge change in Vegas’s economy and is going to lure customers who are interested in making crypto payments.