Ledger Reports of Successful Crypto Hack Attack, Says Customer Data Got Compromised

Ledger Reports of Successful Crypto Hack Attack, Says Customer Data Got Compromised

A press statement had been issued by Ledger in which the company confirmed about the recent unfortunate hack attack.

Ledger had been a company involved in providing hardware wallets to local and international customers. The company was established 5 years ago to provide digital protection and security to its customers holding cryptocurrencies/crypto assets.

However, recently, the company had informed that it was met with a hack attack. In this hack, the company reported that the data of customers was stolen. The stolen data included details such as names and office/residential addresses, email addresses, telephone/mobile numbers, and wallet addresses of the customers.

It was later revealed that the data stolen from the company was published on an online website called RaidForums. It was informed by Ledger that the data stolen was comprised of at least 270,000 of its customers. The hackers took control of the data and then printed it on RaidForums, told Ledgher.

On the other hand, RaidForums had been a notorious online website that had been used by hackers and cybercriminals. They use this website for purchasing the stolen data. Once purchased, then the data had been used to commit frauds upon people whose information was compromised.

In this year, this was the second time when the company had reported successful stealing of its customers’ data. Earlier it was in the month of July when the data of approximately 9,500 of its customers was breached. However, the current hack had been rather humongous when compared with the data stolen in July.

Meanwhile, the company issued names of the customers on its official webpage of those whose data was stolen. All these customers had been advised to remain alert and do not respond to suspicious phone calls, messages or even emails.

Ledger also told that as per initial probe the breach was not caused due to any negligence on part of the company. In fact, the hackers managed to successfully breach the security protocols of Ledger and stolen the data.

The matter was reported to the law enforcement agencies for further action. However, no information had yet been provided by the authorities about the culprits.