Lil Pump Joins NFT Issuing Marathon, Proposes To Auction Digital Jewelry

Fashion is becoming a trend amongst the globally popular celebrities as many artists are joining the NFT issuing marathon, but right now is the American Hip-Hop artist, Lil Pump. Pump has announced to put for auction digital jewelry and for this purpose has taken on board, Sweet – a company involved in issuing non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

A new fashion, which has now transformed into a proper “trend”, is the issuance of NFTs by none other than the globally popular celebrities.

On the eve of Wednesday, March 10, 2021, American rapper, Lil Pump apprised that it has decided to put for auction digital jewelry. He said that the digital jewelry would be comprised in the form of NFTs for which he had already engaged NFT issuer company, Sweet.

It has been proposed by Lil Pump that the auction will host at least 3 unique NFT sets of digital jewelry collection. However, there will be one set of collection which would be one of its kind exclusive NFT, told Pump.

Gazzy Garcia or widely known as Lil Pump entered the hip-hop arena when he was only 15 years old in 2015. However, the young rapper struggled for at least 2 years for obtaining proper recognition amongst the US rappers. It was in the year 2017 when the rapper published a song called “Gucci Gang” which became an instant hit at local and international levels. The song helped the rapper elevate above his career. The song was, at that time, certified by several major recording companies of the world, including the Recording Industry Association of America.

“Gucci Gang” was also a part of his first album release called “Lil Pump”, which made its way to Billboard 200 and retained 3rd spot. He continued his journey of producing quality music and performed in many duets side-by-side with other notable celebrities such as Kanye West. Other famous single hits of Pump are Racks on Racks, I Love It, Be Like Me, Butterfly Doors and Esskeetit etc. But it was the song “Gucci Gang” which acclaimed platinum certification for 5 times by America’s top recording association.

Meanwhile, Pump’s NFT partner i.e. Sweet is a widely popular NFT issuing platform that deals exclusively in the entertainment industry. For the past many years, the company has successfully issued NFTs for known celebrities and individuals and had put them in auction.

Pump told that there would be three digital collectibles with limited supply of two-thousand copies. He also stated that out of these 2 thousand copies, at least five hundred of them will be distributed amongst his fans without any cost. While the rest of 1500 will be put in an auction and the proceeds earned through the auction will be used for charitable purposes.

As of today, the rapper has already released two collectible sets on 10th March, 2021. These NFT sets can be bought against Bitcoin, Ethereum, BCH or any other acceptable mode of payment.