Litecoin (LTC) Recap – Impressive Gains and Amplified Network Activity

Litecoin witnessed significant developments and announcements over the past week. From exploding by 21% to LTC availability for buying to Vast Bank clients, here are the things that you might have missed.

LTC Surges 21% in a Week

Litecoin has seen lucrative moves over the past week, surging 21% in seven days. The altcoin was among the gainers, following Polkadot and Solana as its surpassed assets like Bitcoin Cash, Chainlink, and Luna. LTC had impressive moves, rising towards $212.

As the market retains its bullish outlook, analysts expect Litecoin to register more uptrends. LTC appears to win over its competitor Uniswap that is affected by the SEC’s moves to investigate the project’s founders.

Though with its growth over the past sessions, LTC has dealt with criticism as far as decentralization is concerned. Its founder declared selling many Litecoin tokens in an attempt to push towards decentralization.

Meanwhile, Litecoin developers have worked for many years to better privacy features. But they appear to make little to no progress. With that, more LTC holders have decided to sell their tokens and invest in other cryptos like Cardano, Polkadot, and Solana.

Vast Bank Clients Can Now Purchase LTC Directly

LTC is among the eight digital currencies that Vast Bank customers can purchase seamlessly. Keep in mind that the OCC approved the move by the bank to offer cryptocurrency services. With that, Vast Bank becomes the first US bank chartered by Fed to allow clients to buy, custody, and sell digital coins from their checking accounts.

LTC Increasing Network Activity

LTC’s official Twitter handle posted about the magnified activity on the project’s network. Litecoin has witnessed a substantial surge in daily active wallets, catching up with Ethereum. On the other side, LTC gaming’s biggest streamer has pushed the asset’s value to the upside.

The streamer directed his viewers to make their donations in Litecoin tokens. Meanwhile, one of them bought Litecoin worth $10,000 since he joined the organization. That comes after the reports that the Sport Clips Haircut will pay Landon Cassill in $LTC.

You can use this information when making your investment decisions.