Major League Baseball Club Sells Ticket In Bitcoin

Despite the growth of many digital assets in the cryptocurrency space, Bitcoin continues to be the most adopted and sought-after. This is not just because the digital asset is the first in the space or because it is the most popular cryptocurrency in the Blockchain; it is also the most valuable. This has led to the adoption of the digital assets in many spheres of life, including financial services, entertainment, and sport. MLB Club- Oakland Athletics are the latest sports outfit to adopt the digital asset, as they have announced that they have now received payment for their season ticket in Bitcoin.

Voyager Digital was the buyer

The successful MLB club had earlier announced at the beginning of the month that it had a six-person suite season ticket for sale in exchange for Bitcoin. However, the club has now confirmed yesterday, via their social media handle, that it has now been sold for one Bitcoin, estimated to be around $59,113 at the time of sale. In the announcement, the baseball club popularly called Oakland A’s announced their delight at becoming the first baseball club involved with the cryptocurrency.

They have also confirmed, via the announcement, that it was Voyager Digital who purchased the suite season tickets. Oakland Athletics President- Dave Kaval, speaking to the press after the purchase, expressed his delight at selling the tickets to Voyager Digital, as he believes they have generated more revenue from its sale via Bitcoin.

The club’s president, while congratulating Voyager, confirmed to the public that their suite season tickets are still open to the public in exchange for Bitcoins, as they have now added Bitcoin to one of their payment methods. On the other hand, Voyager CEO- Steve Ehrlich has also expressed his delight at being the first organization to be purchasing MLB tickets with Bitcoin. In Ehrlich’s response to Kaval, he responded that they are so excited about the new purchase and can’t wait to meet up at the games this weekend.

Beginning of a new era for Bitcoin

Ehrlich has also confirmed that most of the suites that have just been purchased with Bitcoins will be shared with their fans in the city. It is also worthy to note that, in the statement of Kaval, the club president confirmed that the proceeds which will be generated from the sales of tickets via Bitcoin would be in custody and not traded immediately. The club president has also informed the fans that tomorrow is the last day to purchase suite tickets with Bitcoin this season.

However, as things stand, MLB clubs will likely follow the part of Oakland Athletics by integrating the cryptocurrency into their payment system, which will further aid the adoption of Bitcoin in the Baseball space of the country. However, should that happen, it will delight many analysts and Bitcoin enthusiasts who are of believing that Bitcoin is the future of money.