Owner of the Dallas Mavericks USA Basketball team, Mark Cuban, and a16z venture firm have made an investment in a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) cryptocurrency project. The startup NFT is called OpenSea, which is basically a market platform where other NFT are traded.

Devin Finzer, who is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of OpenSea, recently stated that the startup NFT solution had successfully managed to gather around $23 Million in an initial funding event. A16z also lead the investment pool, assuring a profitable fund for the NFT startup, helping it grow at a rapid rate.

Mark Cuban, who has been in support of crypto, also expressed his positive views about the project. Surprisingly, the startup has gained the support of the meme cryptocurrency known as DogeCoin and many more to come, further contributing to the successful funding for the NFT project. Mark seems very calm and optimistic about the future of OpenSea. According to reports, the startup has already had a steady and rapid growth in transaction numbers, experiencing an estimated 100 times boost in just around 6-7 weeks which is absolutely ridiculous, enabling the NFT to skyrocket in its early stages of development.

All sorts of digital assets can be easily verified using the blockchain and can then be easily traded for respective assets. Viable digital assets include artwork, music tracks, and almost anything valuable one can imagine. This is the main reason why all kinds of artists, musicians, and other occupied people have started to show a great deal of interest in the platform, as it enables the smooth and safe trading of the assets they built without experiencing any hassle or difficulties.

Katie Haun, an associative of a16z, has stated that OpenSea is like the Amazon, AliExpress of digital assets. Adding to that, she also stated that OpenSea is a very reliable platform where traders can search and trade almost any digital asset, including tokens, artwork, music tracks, etc. It feels like everything is available by the press of a button, just like how giants like Amazon and Alibaba operate.

OpenSea still has a lot of potentials to grow in the market as the platform has already gotten a very successful head start and continues to grow in the eyes of profit-hungry traders.