Mark Cuban Changes his Views Entirely about Cryptocurrencies


Billionaire Mark Cuban was recently invited to Ellen DeGeneres Morning Show. The Shark Tank judge had a complicated and interesting history with cryptocurrencies. At the beginning of the year, Cuban made fun of Bitcoin and had no faith in the beacon crypto as a store of value. Eventually, his views have somewhat eased up and become more friendly towards cryptocurrencies.

Cuban used to claim that he would rather invest in bananas rather than putting his money in Bitcoin. At the moment, he holds many cryptocurrencies in his personal capacity and also using them to sponsor his sports team. He is also invested a lot of his money in acquiring NFTs. However, his recent comments about Dogecoin can be termed as controversial.

Mark Cuban’s Views on Dogecoin

On the DeGeneres Morning Show, Cuban made several interesting remarks about the situation of digital asset markets in the USA. Before getting to the show, he posted a teaser on his Twitter account that he would be discussing Dogecoin in detail on the show. He proceeded to compare Bitcoin, an equivalent of gold, Ethereum to be a more suited replacement for fiat currencies, and NFT to be the next big digital collectible that is very well suited for the gaming industry. 

The NBA Dallas Mavericks Team that Mark Cuban owns has started to accept the meme cryptocurrency for a long time. The sports fans would be able to purchase auditorium tickets, merchandise, sports memorabilia, and much more stuff from the official website of Mavericks. The website has collaborated with Bitpay to make this transition possible. 

Sporklin, a core development member for the Dogecoin blockchain, has recently passed away. The news has been confirmed by Biller Marcus, the Developer Team lead at Dogecoin. Sporklin was battling cancer at a severe stage, and she was going through chemotherapy and radiation therapy to fend off the deadly disease. Other than playing a central role in the coding and development process, she was also a social media influencer and took part in several crypto education initiatives.

In February, Sporklin parted ways with the Dogecoin team on account of her health issues and the changing scope of the blockchain. According to her, the team was moving in a different direction, and she decided that it was the right time to part ways from the meme cryptocurrency. She urged the Dogecoin investors to focus on the integrity of the blockchain as a decentralized ecosystem without business plans or any centralized engagement spots.