Matrix Movie Themed Avatars to Be Launched In NFTs by Warner Bros

Before the launch of the fourth chapter of once a box office hit movie “Matrix”, Warner Bros have decided to sell through Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) avatars of Matrix themed avatars whose sale will commence on 30th November 2021 and there will be approximately 100k NFTs relating to their upcoming sequel of Matrix titled as “The Matrix Resurrections”.

Warner Bros, world entertainment industry’s biggest and one of the oldest film production company, has been digging a rabbit hole in NFT industry. There had been many successful NFTs sale in the past and the company is also working on multiple future projects. One of its most recent NFT project is themed after Warner Bros’s box office hit movie sequel “The Matrix”.

The movie was an instant hit throughout the world when it was launched in the year 1999. It starred some of the best actors of its time such as Keanu Reeves, Carrie-Anne Moss, Hugo Weaving and Laurence Fishburne. The movie had this unique idea that showcased two world’s within the human world. One world was the world of deception and the other was the world of cyber-intelligence of evil nature. After the launch of The Matrix, the franchise launched two sequels of the movie called “The Matrix Reloaded” and “The Matrix Revolutions”. The fourth chapter of the movie has been announced by Warner Bros under the title “The Matrix Resurrection”.

It is expected that The Matrix Resurrection will be coming out in cinemas very soon, preferably on 22nd December 2021. However, in order to promote the fourth part of the movie, Warner Bros has decided to launch Matrix-themed NFTs.

The NFT launcher has been working actively with an NFT developer company called Nifty’s Inc. Several NFT projects of Warner Bros have been successfully launched and concluded through Nifty’s Inc. The latest project of Warner Bros with Nifty’s collaboration was the launching of Space Jam NFTs which showcased collectibles of Looney Tunes.

Matrix-themed NFTs will comprise sets of Avatars relating to the actors appeared in The Matrix sequels. The sale of NFTs will commence on 30th November 2021, according to Warner Bros. However, the NFTs are going to be unique as they will be subject to “transformation” depending on the owner’s choice.

For instance, in The Matrix, there was a seen when the lead actor Keanu Reeves meets Lawrence Fishburne. During the scene, Fishburne offers Reeves to choose one pill out of a blue pill and a red bill. Similarly, the owners of NFTs will be offered a choice on 16th December, 2021 to choose either red or blue bill. Supposing the NFT holder selects blue bill, then they will continue to be in the Matrix world. However, in case they opt for red bill, then their NFTs will further transform into something more unique. Both, the Warner Bros as well as Nifty’s, are expecting an epic response with regard to their latest NFT launch.