McDonald’s To Accept Crypto Payment In Lugano, Continues Becoming More Welcoming For Crypto

With the growing demand for cryptocurrencies, almost every major mainstream sector has started considering the adoption of crypto.

However, the sector that can directly deal with cryptocurrencies is the food sector, and McDonald’s seems to be playing a key role in that.

McDonald’s Approach to Cryptocurrencies

McDonald’s, one of the largest fast food chains spread all over the world seems to be on the track of adopting cryptocurrencies. It has been offering its support of accepting cryptocurrencies as a mode of payment in different parts of the world.

Although McDonald’s has been playing it very safe offering such services in jurisdictions that are currently open to such offerings, still, it has been expanding its network.

McDonald’s Accepts Crypto Payments in Lugano

McDonald’s has announced that it is open to accepting payments in cryptocurrencies in Lugano. The fast food chain has recently announced that it is now accepting Bitcoin at the Lugano branches.

The market teams of McDonald’s have even posted a video demonstration of how customers are able to pay for their meals in Lugano using Bitcoin.

The video demonstration showed a customer placing an order through the electronic kiosk and making the payment right away using Bitcoin. The demonstration also showed the sign of Tether (USDT) right next to Bitcoin.

Lugano Welcomes Bitcoin

Just like El Salvador and Venezuela, Lugano is also advocating the use of Bitcoin. Just like the cryptocurrency industry itself, countries and regions also start with Bitcoin when they are about to legalize cryptocurrencies.

As Lugano is also aiming to become a Bitcoin capital in the European region, it has started its advocacy from Bitcoin. Lugano is treating Bitcoin the same way as is done by El Salvador and Venezuela.

Lugano is Legalizing Several Digital Assets

Over the course of time, Lugano, the city based in Switzerland aims to add several digital assets to the legal tender. For now, it has begun with legalizing USDT, Bitcoin, and the LVGA token.

As of now, these three digital assets have legal tender in the city, which indicates it is also aiming to launch several stablecoins in the future. It was back in March when these three assets were added to the legal tender by the government of Lugano.

Tether is very well aware of the potential of Lugano and how promising it would be for the adoption of cryptocurrencies as legal entities in the European region.

Therefore, it has made huge investments that are worth over a hundred million dollars for the expansion of cryptocurrencies in the city.

Above all, it is McDonald’s that may prove to be a great help for the adoption of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies throughout the world.