Metaverse tokens have had an amazing year, with significant returns as well as growth in just this December alone. At the time of publication, these metaverse currencies have climbed up their charts, indicating positive emotions. SANDBOX has gained 5.5 percent in the previous 24-hours, whereas MANA has gained 3.9 percent.

These tokens successfully made a comeback and have been able to recoup a few of the deficits they suffered over the previous week. SAND currently trades for $6.08 at the time of publication, while MANA currently trades for $3.38.

4-Hour SAND/USD Chart

The Sandbox uses ERC-1776 to enable the system consumers to begin payments on the Ethereum-blockchain whereas the network pays the transactional gas fees, improving the entire customer interaction.

SAND is the utilitarian coin that serves as the foundation for all operations and activities in The Sandbox community. It is an Ethereum blockchain-based ERC-20 utility coin. The availability of 3,000,000,000 SAND is limited.

SANDBOX was traded in a pricing pattern that was declining. During the previous 24-hours, the token has broken out of the downward channel. The imminent market price level was $6.33, and if it rose beyond that, it can try to start trading at around $6.80.

A drop in purchasing intensity, on the other hand, will send SAND downwards to $5.61, with secondary supportive levels at $4.86. From 23rd December, Sandbox has gained, and the token has retained its positive attitude.

As purchasers joined the market after a sell-off session, the RSI moved just beyond the half-line, signaling bullishness. Following a bullish breakthrough, MACD showed green histograms, indicating that the market was moving upward.

The Awesome Oscillator showed green histograms, which corresponded to the bulls of the market.

4-Hour MANA/USD Chart

Decentraland (MANA) is a decentralized three‐dimensional VR system based on the Ethereum blockchain that allows consumers to start creating virtual infrastructures like theme parks, casinos, music halls, art exhibitions, and bill other participants to start exploring them.

Decentraland is currently traded at $3.38, which means it went up by approximately 3.8 percent in the last 24h-hours. The token’s high resistance was $4.01, while the support level was $2.94. Technical indicators pointed to bullishness in the short future. ANA might reach a 17 percent gain in future trade periods assuming the token can successfully maintain its optimistic posture.

MANA has had a shaky history. The token, on the other hand, has shown signs of retracement on the charts. For the majority of this December, the $2.94 mark has served as significant support for the token.

As the  token saw investors enter the market following a sale, the Relative Strength Index climbed marginally above the half-line. After the market’s upward price movement, MACD showed a green histogram.

The Directional Movement Index was negative, and a bullish breakthrough had yet to occur. The ADX, on the other hand, indicated that the value movement was deteriorating. This indication suggested that a pricing turnaround was possible.