Mexico’s Second Richest Person Invests 10% Of His Entire Liquid Portfolio In Bitcoin

Mexico’s Second Richest Invests 10% Of His Entire Liquid Portfolio In Bitcoin

One of the most influential people of Mexico, Racardo Salinas Pliego had made huge investment in Bitcoin. The news report suggested that at least 10% of the entire personal liquid portfolio of the billionaire was liquefied in Bitcoin. Pilego told that Bitcoin is a safe-haven for investors because investors can ensure safety of their funds. He also said that not only the funds are safe but the rate of returns can be unimaginable.

Pliego’s current net worth exceeds US$ 11.9 Billion and he is the second richest man of the country.

While the Bitcoin is on the bullish run, investors from all quarters are investing heavily in the top crypto.The investment from Pliego can also be seen as an effort to make profits out of the Bitcoin’s bullish run.

After Pliego had invested in Bitcoin, he was found sharing posts regarding Bitcoin on famous social media website – Twitter. In his tweet, Pliego advised others that Bitcoin has the potential of increasing their personal wealth. He also shared a video in which a bank was discarding banknotes when they had become useless. He stated that a time will come when the banknotes of every country will become worthless and be thrown in garbage.

Pliego had not revealed the name of the bank and its origin who was discarding the banknotes. However, it was later found out that the video related to a Venezuelan bank and incident occurred due to hyperinflation.

Meanwhile, due to hyperinflation in Venezuela, most of the country’s investors are diverting their investments towards cryptocurrencies. They are investing heavily in Bitcoin in order to provide a cover to keep their investment safe and beneficial.

On Twitter, many responded to Pliego’s tweet in negative and some in positive. Most of the bitcoiners lauded Mexican billionaire’s tweets however a few criticized his comments. Carlos Salinas, a twitter account-holder, was one of those critics. He said that for the time being Bitcoin seems to be quite promising. However, there is high risk inherently attached with the top coin’s volatility which can erupt at any time, he said.

Meanwhile, Bitcoin is fetching further highs in its value. Currently, its being trading for US$ 18,500 plus and the trending suggests further high.