Miami is now Collaborating with Ethereum Developers for Putting the City Services onto the Blockchain

It was about that a sophisticated and bustling metropolitan such as Miami put out the request to get all of its city services registered with the Blockchain as this verifies the diversity of the blockchain system. This is not something that can only be used to manage money or digital assets; other services such as managing the city-wide duties of people and having a check and balance around it can also be accomplished through the blockchain system in a better way too.

The city mayor, Francis Suarez, and Ethereum creator Vitalik Buterin are sharing their thoughts to put all of the city’s services onto the Blockchain with the help of Ethereum’s network. This is one of its kind projects that will commence on the Blockchain, and it would possibly open up various portals for such initiatives taking place in the future. This initiative is still in its very early days, and a lot of talking and meetings are to be done for it to proceed further. 

What’s New and what is under Discussion

According to the statement put out by Suarez, they are trying to come up with a dedicated project that can put the whole city onto Ethereum’s network, and that covers not only the foundation but extension of various services that this city needs on a daily basis. This project’s end goal is to test the extensiveness of Blockchain technology, and through its excellent record keeping and manifestation characteristics, better services could be provided to its residents.

There is a bit of history there with Ethereum’s first launch and the Miami city as it took place in a Bitcoin conference conducted in Miami. According to Suarez, there is a need for more systems like Blockchain due to its excellent record-keeping capabilities and the fact that it does accelerate the efficiency of the project that is being run through it. This unfinished project which both Suarez and Buterin are in talk of, doesn’t only control the city-wide services such as health, sanitation, and education, but in a smart way, it would be able to minimize the clutter that is forcing the administration to spend viable sums of money. Not only that, but if everything goes according to the plan, it is not that far when the system will be able to create solid jobs for Miami residents too.