Miami Mayor Wants State To Be The Capital Of Bitcoin

During a discussion with his guests, the founders of Gemini crypto asset, Tyler Winklevoss and Honchos Cameron, the Mayor of Miami, Francis Suarez, expressed his willingness to woo crypto entrepreneurs to Miami and turn the city into the world capital of cryptocurrencies.

The Mayor disclosed his intention to the duo during their extensive discussion on the regulation and future of cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin. The interview he had with two crypto entrepreneurs is part of the Mayor’s ongoing drive to seize the digital assets’ numerous opportunities.

Suarez to consider accepting crypto for bill and tax payment

On his Twitter handle, Suarez narrated how he and the twins sat at City Hall to have a far-reaching discussion on the prospect of using Gemini for transaction and payment and the future and regulation of the crypto industry. The Mayor also said that he’s considering the likelihood of authorizing crypto to pay city fees, property taxes, and more.

He shared a video of his last weekend conversation with the duo. According to Tyler, Miami, people can now avail themselves of crypto opportunities domiciled in the city. This, he said, will relieve Miami residents of the needless stress they encounter in sending money to or receiving money from families living outside the city.

Besides, Tyler told the Mayor that the era of paying exorbitant fees for money transfer is gone. He compared using crypto to sending an email and instance transfer “free for remittances. He expressed his resolve to integrate the crypto market into the current financial system and bridge the sector’s existing financial gap.

Gemini is a New York-based crypto exchange founded by the duo in 2014. Since then, they have been working permanently in the city. They also interviewed the City helmsman to woo intending traders and investors into the crypto industry. While Suarez paid rapt attention to the conversation, he informed the Winklevoss twins that he intended to turn Miami into the “crypto city of the planet.”

Mayor Eyes Future Partnership With California And Others

Lately, the Mayor has been informing his Twitter followers of his meetings with crypto entrepreneurs like Benjamin Mincu, Elrond CEO, and DavePortnoy of Barstool Sports. He disclosed that Miami was open to innovations. He also promised to provide an enabling environment for entrepreneurs who were willing to partner with the city.

Suarez further tweeted that he would like South Florida to be the pacesetter to the legislation and promote cryptocurrencies. He promised to contact Wyoming’s blockchain to request further help on the development. Suarez intends to make Miami the world’s crypto capital and the cradle of tech innovation. He asserted that the city is a well-known financial hub with big financial institutions and large other corporations that have laid a solid foundation for fintech like cryptocurrencies.

The Miami mayor has recently been asking tech entrepreneurs to choose Miami as an alternative to California’s hefty tax and legislations or Francisco’s crime hotbed. Suarez seems to have given his nod to Bitcoin as the newly found gold of modern times., as he shared a tweet with the caption”Bitcoin Billionaires.”