MicroStrategy Claims that Bitcoin is Going to Become Bigger than Companies like Apple, Amazon and Facebook

MicroStrategy is a business intelligence company that also has one of the largest Bitcoin holdings in the world. CEO Michael Saylor once again reiterated his bullish stance on the cryptocurrency market speaking to the media. He was invited for an interview at Bloomberg TV recently. Saylor claimed that Bitcoin is an internationally recognized and trusted network.

He also shed some light on the advantages of the open-source nature of the flagship cryptocurrency. Saylor exclaimed that Bitcoin is the best diversity investment for MicroStrategy. According to him, in a matter of 10 years, more people will start taking an interest in Bitcoin, and the functional supremacy of DeFi will be better recognized. He claimed that his company is trying to get into the best-leveraged position with Bitcoin before it becomes too big.

MicroStrategy CEO told Bloomberg reporters that his company has been able to acquire Bitcoin leverage with the help of debt. According to the current price of BTC, the company is looking at $1.4 billion in capital gains. However, this amount is only present on paper as Saylor has no intention of selling the massive Bitcoin reserve any time soon. He remarked that it is good to have $2.2 billion in Bitcoin at 1.5% interest.

Saylor has been bullish for beacon coin since last year. He predicted that Bitcoin would be added to the books of states, municipalities, principalities, as well as commercial and retail investors. Speaking on behalf of the MicroStrategy board and management, he said that Bitcoin is going to be bigger than the tech giants like Facebook, Amazon, and Apple Inc.

MicroStrategy is Planning to Purchase more Bitcoin

At present, MicroStrategy holds around 105,000 Bitcoin in reserves. CEO of the business intelligence company told the press that they are planning to purchase more Bitcoin in the future. He added that at present, it is a question of waiting for the correct state of the market and finding ways to allocate funds for the purchase.

Talking about the advantages of the beacon coin project, Saylor claimed that while the stock market is in the sleeping mode crypto market is always open for business. Companies like PayPal, Robinhood, and Square Inc. are reaping great profits and productivity due to this quality. He remarked that social media forums could adopt the trust-neutral Bitcoin network for better cybersecurity and elimination of spamming.