Microstrategy Sends Year’s Final Investment into Bitcoin, Next Will Be In 2022

Microstrategy’s corporate treasury welcomes 1,914 further Bitcoins as the NASDAQ-listed company sends the final investment of 2021 into Bitcoin. The corporate treasury of Microstrategy now consists of 124,391 BTCs.

Day-to-day affairs of Microstrategy are looked after by its CEO, Michael Saylor, who also happens to be a great supporter of Bitcoin. Under the auspices of Saylor, on several occasions since 2019 to date, Microstrategy had been investing in Bitcoin. Because of its continuous sending of liquidity into Bitcoin, Microstrategy has now become the world’s biggest Bitcoin investor.

As of now, the corporate treasury of Microstrategy commands ownership of 124,391 BTCs in total. The latest purchase of Bitcoins by Microstrategy came in on 30th December 2021 on which date Microstrategy bought a total of 1,914 BTCs further. According to the CEO of Microstrategy, Saylor commented that this was their final investment of 2021. However, he did not mean that it was eventually the last of their investment. Instead, he meant that the next investments will be made in 2022.

Saylor revealed publicly on 30th December 2021 that Microstrategy had bought 1,914 further coins of Bitcoin. For the purchase of these Bitcoins, his firm had paid an amount of US$ 94.2 Million in total. He further informed that Microstrategy now owns a total of 124,391 Bitcoins.

Since the day of its first investment into Bitcoin, Microstrategy had invested funds amounting to US$ 3.75 Billion. Each Bitcoin that Microstrategy bought on 30th December 2021, cost the company less than 50K i.e. US$ 49,229 per BTC exactly. As was informed by Saylor himself, the total investment made into Bitcoin from first purchase to the last, Microstrategy had invested US$ 3.75 Billion. This meant that out of 124,391 BTCs available with Microstrategy, it only cost US$ 33,170 per BTC to the company. This further meant that Microstrategy’s overall investment of US$ 3.75 Billion is now worth US$ 6,013,807,286 i.e. US$ 6 Billion plus.

On the other hand, Saylor also owns a total of 17,732 BTCs in his personal capacity. He is being at all times positive about Bitcoin and the future of its value. He believes to the core of his heart that Bitcoin’s value is more than US$ 6 Million. However, it will need some time when Bitcoin will take its final shape and will be sold at a price of more than US$ 6 Million.

Saylor also commented on Gold as well and said that Bitcoin has shown that it has no comparison with Gold. He stated that Bitcoin is the finest and most profiting asset on earth and, above all, it is the ultimate solution against rising inflation. He does not even put Gold in the second position and believes that the second place in the future belongs to Ethereum.