NCapital Group Review – An Overview of The Overall Trading Experience With the Broker

NCapital Group Review

NCapital GroupDo you think NCapital Group is the crypto broker that you have been looking for? Do you think you can start your trading career with this broker and trust it for all your trading needs? Of course, you can only know those things once you have already signed up with the broker. But that’s not a wise option, is it? How can you evaluate a broker after signing up with because you have already spent your money while signing up with it? Now, the only other option that you have of knowing the broker is by asking someone who has already experienced being with it.

That’s where I come in. I can provide you with all the information about this broker that you want to know. I can give you the details about every single feature so there is nothing left for you to know once you have completely read this review. At least, that’s what I am attempting to do with my review of NCapital Group. I can surely say that you will always know about the broker when you do your personal research. So, this review is by no means a way to force you to sign up with my favorite broker. But if you want to know more, I recommend that you continue reading.

Broker             NCapital Group
Account Types Basic, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Black
Trading Platform WebTrader (Web Based)
Minimum Deposit $250
Asset Index Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple, Ethereum
Trading Tools Crypto Signals, Chart Analysis, News, Glossary
Education Ebooks, Introductory Courses, In-depth Courses, etc.
Customer Support 24/6 (Web Form, Email, Phone)
Security Policy AML, KYC
Owned By Expand Solutions Ltd.

NCapital Group website

An Overview of NCapital Group’s Features

Safe and Modern Trading Platform

What is the first thing that you expect from the broker that you are signing up with? For me, I always thought and still think that the trading platform you get access to is the most important thing to consider. It tells you not only about the broker’s perspective, but also about its care for its traders. If the broker really cares about its traders, its trading platform will be very easy to use. At the same time, how modern the trading platform is will show you how much in touch with modern standards the broker is. You can’t afford to trade on old and outdated trading platform anymore.

What’s wrong with old and outdated trading platforms? Well, you can’t use them on your devices. If you want to use those trading platforms, you have to be in your desktop computer. If you don’t have the desktop computer, you can say goodbye to your desire of trading from the comfort of your home. However, if your broker understands the requirements of its modern traders, it will provide you with a trading platform that is free of all compatibility issues and other limitations that prevent you from adjusting the trading platform in your modern lifestyle.

I have to tell you here that the trading platform you will be on when you sign up with NCapital Group is a web trader. Yes, you will be on a web-based trading platform that you can use on your smartphones, tablets, and computers. The best thing about a web-based trading platform is that it runs like a website. What it means is that you don’t have to download the software on your device and then install it locally. A web based trading platform is there for you on all your devices. You never get to download anything. The trading experience for you does not change no matter how many devices you switch.

Easy Minimum Deposits  

Should I not admire the broker if it is making the lives of new traders easy? Well, that’s what the online trading industry is all about. It knows that there are millions of traders in all parts of the world who are willing to trade today. However, since these traders belong to different backgrounds and countries, they might not be able to trade similarly. Some might have trust issues with online brokers while others might not have the initial deposit in their pockets or bank accounts. I can tell you for sure that most traders face the issue of not having enough funds to sign up with online brokers.

So, if I were a broker, I would have solved this problem first. But I think I don’t have to imagine things because NCapital Group is already doing those things in reality. The broker has made sure that its trading platform and all of its amazing trading features are easy to access for traders from all over the world. Whether you are a student or someone who is approaching retirement, you will not have an issue while signing up with this broker because the minimum deposit requirements from the broker are very flexible. You can deposit a minimum of $250 in your account and you are good to go.

Not to mention, you can use some safe methods for funding your account. The broker will make sure that you are not faced with any unknown and hidden fees that you were never told about. Furthermore, you will not be using any unsafe methods while depositing funds in your account. You can go with the bank wire transfer option for slow yet safe transfers. Or, you can go with the credit card option if you want money to appear in your trading account almost instantly.

Useful Info on Cryptocurrencies

Do you need a crash course on cryptocurrencies? Have you been following your favorite Youtubers for teaching you what cryptocurrencies are all about? Have you been on Reddit someone would be kind enough to explain the concepts behind cryptocurrencies? Well, you will not have to do that when you are with NCapital Group. This broker has brought all the amazing information about cryptocurrencies right on the website. If you go on the website, you will notice a web page dedicated to cryptocurrencies. The best thing is that these are crypto coins you will be trading on the website of the broker as well.

So, you will be knowing about cryptocurrencies that you will be trading with the broker. What’s great about this broker is that it has made all of this information right on the website, which means you don’t even have to sign up with the broker to get access to it. What happens usually is that you can sign up with most online brokers without paying them anything. After you have signed up, it is up to you to make a payment and then sign up with the broker with a paid account. However, you will usually get access to all the information only when you have signed up with the broker with a paid account.

On the other hand, since the information is available on the website, you don’t even have to go through the signup process to know what cryptocurrencies are all about. I can tell you one thing here that you are going to like. The information from the broker is very simplified. You will not have a hard time understanding anything when you read about cryptocurrencies. You will know what they are, the technology behind them, and everything else that will teach you the basics of cryptocurrencies before you step into this market.

AML and KYC Policies

Online brokers have to make sure that they protect all of their online platforms from people who are not having the best of intentions. You have many people who are looking for ways to hide their money on online brokers’ website. In other cases, you have people who want to trade on trading platforms, but they are not using their personal information. They are usually using the information that they have stolen from someone else. In these scenarios, online brokers have to be on their toes to make sure that no one uses their trading platform for illegal means.

That’s where some brokers shine and other lag behind. You have some brokers who are only concerned with letting more and more people into the trading system. They don’t really care about the safety of their traders and so it does not really matter to them whether the trader provides them with their information or not. They just want traders to sign up on their trading platforms, and so they remove all the hurdles from the way. If you go on their websites, you can sign up without any problems at all. However, if you are on the website of a legitimate broker, you will have to provide a lot of information.

Firstly, you will have to prove to the broker that you are legitimate person who is on the website for trading fairly. You will have to prove your identity by providing your ID number. This could be the number that is written on the card that has been issued to you by your government for your identification purposes. In some countries, it could be the ID card and in other countries, it could be the driver’s license. In addition providing the broker with the number on the card, you will also have to submit the picture of that card. This will prove that you are not reading information from the card from someone else.

When the broker sees the picture, it serves as proof that you are actually the owner of the card. At the same time, you will also have to submit the number and pictures of your credit card. This will prove that you are the same person to whom the account belongs. This way, the broker is making sure that only legitimate entities sign up on its trading platform. If you see a broker doing that, you can be sure that you have found the right one. I am glad to tell you here that the broker I am talking about right now follows and implements all of these policies that I have just mentioned above.

Encryption of Your Sensitive Data

Alright, so now you have proven to the broker through the pictures that you are actually the owner of the cards from which you are reading the information. The next step is for the broker to make sure that all the information that you have provided is protected. This is the part that broker has to play responsibly. If you have provided the broker with all your details carefully and correctly, you will have to expect the same level of professionalism from the broker. Of course, not all online brokers can pass this test, but I can tell you that NCapital Group passed this test with flying colors.

When I signed up with this broker, I had recently heard about a company’s data being stolen. That piece of news was new in my mind when I thought about signing up with NCapital Group. For that reason, there was no way I was going to sign up with this broker without making sure that my information was being protected. However, I was glad to know that the broker had taken all the measures to protect my information from any third parties and unauthorized entities. When you sign up with NCapital Group, you will have your information protected through the latest encryption standards.

The broker will make sure that your information is encrypted through 256-bit encryption standards. These are the standards that ensure that no matter how sophisticated the attack is on your information, the broker will still be able to protect all the pieces of data that you have provided it with. That’s the type of encryption that you should be looking for even if you don’t sign up with NCapital Group. I want you to keep these pieces of data in your mind because they will help you pick the right broker. When you sign up with NCapital Group, you can rest assured that this broker has taken all the necessary measures already.

Pick the Crypto of Your Choice

If you have finally made up your mind that you want to start trading in the cryptocurrency world, the broker should not stop you from reaching your financial goals. However, I can tell you from my personal experience that some brokers can stop you from achieving your financial goals when you enter the cryptocurrency market. There is no doubt about the fact that the cryptocurrency market is still pretty new. The volatility of this market is also something that you might not have experienced before. These factors have made many online brokers to be on the safe side.

They don’t want to take any risks, and while they preach about trading cryptocurrencies, they themselves are not among the best believers of the blockchain technology. For this reason, you will see that they are only sticking to providing you with Bitcoin trading. Why are they providing you with Bitcoin trading? Well, this is the safest cryptocurrency out there and just about any crypto broker can provide you with Bitcoin trading. They know that no matter what happens to the digital currency market, nothing is going to happen to Bitcoin. It will always be there, which can be proven untrue by the way.

If you are looking to trade other cryptocurrencies from the thousands of options that you have available, you might have to switch brokers. I had to do it a few times when I started trading. It annoyed me a lot that a couple of times, it was this particular piece of information that I forgot to confirm with the broker before signing up. However, I can tell you that this is the piece of detail that you must not miss before you agree to shell out your money into the trading accounts with an online broker.

You will feel that you are completely free when you sign up with NCapital Group. That’s exactly the feeling that I had gone through when I signed up with this broker. At first, I thought I had made that mistake again. However, I was hugely relieved when I looked at the asset index from this broker. The broker provides you with Ripple, Litecoin, and Ethereum in addition to Bitcoin trading. With such an amazing asset index, you can be sure that you can diversify your portfolio with ease if you agree to stay with this broker.

Referral Bonuses

You might have thought that when you sign up with an online broker, you can only earn through trading. Well, I can tell you that NCapital Group has arranged a different way for you to make money. When you sign up with this broker and refer some friend to its services, you will be rewarded for that effort. A lot of online brokers completely forget this important piece of information, but NCapital Group has not. The broker is providing you with some great benefits when you bring a friend into its trading system.

What I like about the referral bonus from this broker is that it goes both ways. I have seen a lot of times that when you refer a friend to some service and your friend signs up with it, you are the one to get the reward. However, the friend who signs up because of you never gets the reward. That’s where NCapital Group has made a huge difference. This broker has made sure that you and your friend, both are rewarded equally when they sign up. However, they have to make sure that they sign up with the broker with a paid account.

The broker has then decided four different tiers through which it will reward you. For every tier, the broker will offer you a bigger reward. You will be surprised to know that you can earn $300 in your account by simply referring a friend to this broker. Now, that’s a huge amount that can help you get into many financial markets.

Trading Accounts That Suit Your Needs

The moment you land on the web page that talks about the trading account, you will find yourself surprised. The first thing that you will notice about the trading accounts with this broker is that you have six different accounts to choose from. These accounts have been designed just for you. Whether you have spent your life trading or are someone who has just started participating in this activity, you will find an account that suits your exact needs. If you are starting out on a budget, I recommend that you check out the details of the Basic account. I like the fact that the broker has named the basic account Basic.

It does not matter which account you go with because the broker has provided you with 24/6 customer support with every account. It is not that you will not get great customer support just because you have not deposited a lot of money in your trading account. The educational center is there for you to learn everything about trading. Whether you are just entering this world or are someone who wants to learn the advanced techniques of trading, you will find everything in this educational center to support your trading career.

If you want to get the best of both words, I recommend that you go with either platinum or black account. These accounts are meant for special traders only who are not on a budget and want everything to be customized according to their needs. You will have access to some really reliable signals when you go with these accounts. There are many other perks that you can enjoy with these amazing accounts. However, if you are just starting, you can go with the basic account with a small amount of just $1000.

Final Thoughts

I have found NCapital Group to be an amazing broker not for its claims but for providing everything to its traders. From flexible cryptocurrency trading to a modern trading platform, you get everything from this broker without any compromise. You can start with a small amount if you are still testing things out. I recommend that you learn through the training material first and only then sign up with the broker.