New Cristiano Ronaldo NFT Sold For $289,000

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which are unique digital assets without any tangible form and can be traded like a regular digital asset, continue to amass funds for their owners. The NFT space, which is still growing in popularity, is relatively tiny in the crypto market and poised for greatness. The craze around sport-themed NFTs, which NBA Top Shot has primarily sold, has been on a high, as the NFTs are becoming too attractive to ignore. However, in recent news, last weekend, Sorare, an Ethereum-based fantasy soccer game, has now sold a Cristiano Ronaldo-themed NFT for about $289,000.

Sorare beats NBA Top Shot Record

NBA Top Shot has mainly sold the majority of the sports-themed NFTs. However, it appears that a new industry player has thwarted the records of NBA Top Shots. Sorare, a popular sport NFT collectibles found on Ethereum, is not a new name in the NFT space. The record for the highest sport NFT sold is held by NBA Top Shot’s Lebron James-themed digital card, which was sold for $208,000 last month.

The highest amount a soccer-themed NFT card has ever been sold for is the Erling Haaland-themed card, which was reportedly sold for $124,230 weeks back. However, the new sale by Sorare has now thwarted both records and currently stands as both the highest NFT soccer and sportscard ever sold. The Sorare user- Camembert, who forked out almost $300,000 to purchase the Cristiano Ronaldo-themed NFT, believes that many investors are fascinated by NFTs, hence why they buy them.

Camembert, who also owns NFTs of Real Madrid F.C stars like Raphaël Varane and Vinícius Júnior, conceded that he’d rather spend his money on NFTs, than any other piece of art. When quizzed if he would likely sell the NFT soon, Camembert confirmed he wouldn’t trade the piece of art belonging to his football icon for any form of money and confirmed he would be keeping it for a while.

NFTs are getting so much love

Camembert’s case clearly shows the love for NFTs by many individuals who now prefer non-tangible assets to the physically owned art piece. Many individuals are now reportedly buying NFTs ahead of traditional artworks. This has forced many artists to publish their works in NFTs, as they intend to make more money off the enormous bids the digital assets are subjected to. A recent case that supports this conviction is Beeple’s recent artwork, which holds the record as the highest NFT ever sold, which was sold for a staggering $69.25 million.

Justin Sun, Founder of TRON Network, narrowly missed out on the sale, which eventually landed in the hands of Metakovan of Metapurse. Sun, who publicly admitted that he was unhappy after his $70 million bid for the work didn’t go through, even offered Christies- the auction organizers, a chance to help them develop a better system on the TRON network. This further outlines how important people take NFTs, as the digital pieces strive to become one of the essential elements in the cryptocurrency market.