New Report Places Satoshi Nakamoto In London When Bitcoin Was Created

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A new report by an analysis firm has discovered new information about Bitcoin’s creator, Satoshi Nakamoto. The report claims that the famed Bitcoin creator might probably be a Londoner judging by his movement when he created the leading digital asset.

Furthermore, the report claims that the pseudonymous creator of the digital asset’s location between 2008 and 2010 was placed around London. According to the author of the report, Doncho Karaivanov, he noted that he considered so many probabilities while reviewing the facts to justify his conclusion.

The new report corroborates old reports on Satoshi’s location

In his report, Doncho stated that in coming to his conclusions, he looked into various things such as timestamps of all of the materials that Satoshi published, his word spellings as well as the slangs and intonations that he used while he was writing.

According to Doncho, the material that he reviewed that convinced him beyond a reasonable doubt is the genesis block tied to England’s print version of the periodical. It had a headline from a famous newspaper, ‘The Times’ embedded into it.

This is not the first time that an analyst will try to convince people about the nationality of the digital asset’s pseudonymous creator, as several journalists and investigators have followed Doncho’s path in the past. One of the major reasons why most of them believe that Satoshi Nakamoto is of British origin or was in the country when Bitcoin was created was because of his activities as more journalists continue to ransack the web for clues that might point out who he is. Even though the previous reports have convinced people enough of Satoshis origin, this new report places Satoshi in the region when Bitcoin was created.

Analyst says timestamp shows Satoshi might be in the US east or west coast

Doncho highlighted specifically that Satoshi frequently mentioned the print edition of The Times while adding a headline from a report on January 3, 2009, into the genesis block of Bitcoin. In his analysis, Doncho noted that Satoshi used the headline of the print version, which was used in the print edition of The Times newspaper was enough fact.

Furthermore, he pointed out that the online version of the same headline added some key details that Satoshi didn’t mention. Another look at the United States edition of The Times on the same day showed that the headline was absent in the paper.

Another analysis highlighted by Doncho in his report was some of Satoshi’s materials that have time stamps. The posts included emails that early developers of Bitcoin got from Satoshi, his posts and messages on Bitcointalk, and a few comments on SourceForge.

He noted that these details put the creator of the digital asset in the UK timezone. However, Doncho said that he might be mistaken with that detail as the timestamps also could show someone around the US east coast or west coast.