New Survey Shows Retail Investors Growing Bullish Behaviour Toward Cardano’s ADA

Cardano’s ADA is taking the brunt from investors as of late, much more than what Bitcoin has had to deal with recently. A survey had revealed that of the overall polled investors, almost 32% of them are seen to be extremely bullish when it comes to ADA and Cardano, as compared to only a little over 22% who had decided to go for Bitcoin instead.

Cardano hits all-time high as attitude from investors persists

The aforementioned survey, which had been conducted, also revealed that Cardano had experienced an all-time record high, rounding up close to $1.5 in February. This success had seen Cardano temporarily become the 4th biggest crypto asset through market capitalization.

In fact, so surprising was their recent success that even Voyager Digital’s CEO, Steve Ehrlich, had stated that Cardano temporarily surpassing Bitcoin was definitely shocking, to say the least. The CEO further commented that this kind of enthusiasm is exactly what is needed in the world of cryptocurrency and digital trading and looks forward to seeing how other cryptocurrencies will react to this in the near future.

Bitcoin, along with other digital assets, still remains the most valuable

Despite Cardano experiencing much success, it was nevertheless short-lived. Many investors (up to 60%) still feel as if Bitcoin is the way to go, and as such, are still choosing it over other options, Cardano included. Still, the success that Cardano did experience should not be understated in the slightest, as one investor had put in a $1,200 stimulus check on ADA and had earned well over $40,000 as part of his investment.

Ultimately, all of this shows that cryptocurrency is more than just a craze; in fact, many sources indicate that it is here to stay for the long term. While it is true that Bitcoin and other major digital assets maintain the monopoly on the market, it is not surprising to see others such as Cardano experience success and even surpass their competition from time to time. In fact, just this year, ADA saw its price go up to $1.11 from $0.17 after going through a correction close to $1.5.