NinjaFloki (NJF) Observing 227.87%, Price May Rise to $0.000001696

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The CoinMarketCap report for NinjaFloki (NJF), has grown in value by 227.87% in the past 24-hours. The push has been initiated by the bulls that are aiming to elevate NinjaFloki’s much higher than the current figure of $0.000003411.

The relative strength index for NinjaFloki is also going in favor of a positive trend. This means that the investors are determined to invest more money to acquire more NinjaFloki in the due course.

Even the performance scale for NinjaFloki supports the sentiments of the investors. It suggests that out of the total investors around 73% of the investors are determined to invest and push NinjaFloki higher. 20% of the total investors are waiting for the rally to continue before they make up their minds about whether they need to buy or sell NinjaFloki.

Out of the total number of investors, only 7% of investors are supporting the idea of selling NinjaFloki and creating a plummet. This goes to suggest that the general perception of the investors is to buy as much NinjaFloki as possible.

It is a great sign for the bulls as they will be able to push NinjaFloki’s price much higher see exactly how the situation goes. For now, the bulls are determined to push the price of NinjaFloki up to its third strong resistance mark.

The bulls are getting their confidence from the RSI that is also siding with the uptrend of NinjaFloki. If the bulls do not lose their confidence, they will be able to hit the first strong resistance mark ($0.000007163) soon than expected.

If the investors continue with their buying spree and the rally continues, then the bulls will be able to hit NinjaFloki’s second strong resistance mark ($0.00001241).

As NinjaFloki’s price grows higher, the investors will gain more confidence and soon, they will be able to hit the third strong resistance mark ($0.00001696) for NinjaFloki.

A look at the price of NinjaFloki facing a negative trend suggests that the bears may try and dip its price to $0.000003001 (1st strong resistance). If the bulls do not counter the selling activities of the bears, then they will try and pull NinjaFloki’s price down to $0.000002761.

If NinjaFloki’s price falls down to the second strong support mark ($0.000002761), then the investors may start moving towards the bearish trend.

If the bears continue increasing their selling pressure and the NinjaFloki bulls are not able to keep up, then its price may fall down to the third strong support mark.

The data predicts that in case the bearish trend continues and the bulls are not able to make a comeback, then NinjaFloki’s price may fall deeper. In this particular case, the price of NinjaFloki may fall down to the third strong support mark ($0.000002651).