November Wellness Resort in Phuket Has Started Accepting Bitcoin

If you’re a passionate traveler and cryptocurrency devotee who wants to bring new options for the crypto community, you want to travel with independence around the world, starting with Phuket, Thailand. R0N_7008 Trend and innovation in hospitality A luxury and wellness hotel experience has arrived in Phuket, Thailand. November Wellness Resort, a wellness experience while cosseted in the lap of luxury. A smart choice for travelers to Phuket seeking a world-class, unique and luxurious experience every time. HUS_7351 The property is situated on the South Western tip of the island of Phuket, set on a gently sloping hillside, surrounded by tropical rain forest and the most beautiful beaches. With the latest digital innovations, the hotel allows guests to use the cryptocurrency payments. Also, travelers can now use many popular digital cryptocurrencies, including Litecoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin to book rooms on this luxury hotel.

Magnificent and exciting experiences await guests in the hotel. Each room includes a bathtub in private balconies. The hotel is highly flexible with multiple variants available for guests with different tastes. These include a dedicated team of wellness consultants always ready to provide the expert guidance and insights that meet all health needs. Guests will find that these luxurious experiences continue beyond their suite doors with a spa that offers Watsu therapy, beautiful nature and surrounds to lounge around and delicious food and drinks. A unique and excellent restaurant, with local and international cuisine. The menus include Thai, Chinese and European food. Everything cooked fresh and served with love. Guests can even bring this luxury eating experience straight to their room with mouth-watering meal options available to order. R0N_6936 Cryptocurrency as a form of payment The hotel can reach new customers in emerging markets as a bitcoins with this financial technology. Cryptocurrency is surpassing internet spaces, integrating more and more daily transactions, so in the world, many people rely on this cryptocurrency as a form of payment. Bitcoin burst into the economy because it is a decentralized and neutral currency that guarantees certain anonymity to users. In the hotel industry, more and more businesses accept this cryptocurrency as a form of payment. If you want to make reservations with cryptocurrency by different business and not by the hotel, it may be Expedia or a US travel company. They accept Bitcoin when paying hotel rooms (although not flights). , and the process is quite simple.

How to book and pay for a room with cryptocurrency at November Wellness Resort?
  1. To book a room, check availability on the hotel website , or just send an email to or call at +66 76 388 838 , +66 98 464 6399 with the type of room, date of stay.2, Once confirmed, they will block the room, send you email with the address of their digital wallet and the price in bitcoin.3, Once they receive the payment, you will receive email with the payment and booking information.
R0N_7102 From the moment you make the booking, remember you have 12 hours to make the payment to the digit wallet that they have sent you by email. It is exciting that hotels are looking to be on the cutting edge of new technology. It’s a differentiator, and it’ll help those technology-forward properties distinguish themselves from the competition.