OffersFX – Why This Broker Can Be Your Favorite

OffersFXIf you are in search of a broker that can meet your needs as a modern trader and provide you with flexible trading conditions, you have come to the right place. I will tell you about a broker that I think is serving the new traders the right way. I am going to talk about OffersFX today and let you know everything about this broker that I think should matter to you. Now, I will not keep my like or dislike for the features of this broker subjective. I will be as objective as I can be in my criticism or admiration. When something is right for traders, I will call it right. When something is not right, I won’t call it right.

So, let me tell you more about OffersFX so you know if you should consider signing up with this broker.

OffersFX – The Next Favorite Broker for You

Regulation Is There

You will hear from every specialist and expert out there that the broker’s regulation is very important. Have you ever tried to inquire why that’s the case? Well, the problem is that when a broker is not regulated, it is not answerable to anyone for its trading services. Traders from around the world do not feel comfortable signing up with such a broker. I can tell you from my experience that there are lot of online brokers that do not have regulation in place. However, I am glad to tell you about OffersFX because this broker is properly regulated by Cypress Securities and Exchange Commission.

This information is there on the website of the broker because that’s what the right brokers do. They always put the information that matters to traders right on the website.

Fixed Spreads and No Commissions

Here is why I believe this broker provides you with a trading platform on which you will get flexible trading conditions. So, the first thing you will notice about this broker is that it provides you with commission free trading. That’s something you rarely find these days. When you sign up with this broker and trade with it, you will have to look at the spreads. Spreads tell you the difference in the buying and selling price of the asset with the same broker. This is the difference that helps your broker make money. However, there are brokers who want to make even more money.

What they do is that they have spreads in place to charge you for their services. In addition, they also have commissions that you usually have to pay on different services. Sometimes, you pay the commissions on your trades and at other times, you pay them when you deposit or withdraw your money. With this broker, you will not have to pay any of those commissions. To make things even better, the broker has provided you with fixed spreads.

Demo Account and Training Material

So, you want to learn trading before you start doing it. Of course, once you start trading for real, you will have to put your real money on the line. You don’t want to do that unless you are sure you will not lose your money just like that. That’s where the training from the broker comes into play. This broker will provide you with all the education that you need as a trader. You will learn some basic rules of trading along with all the important terms and terminologies used in the industry. The courses that you get from this broker come in ebook and video formats for your ease.

You will get to learn some advanced trading strategies in addition to how to use the trading platform. The most amazing thing is that you don’t have to jump in the real market right after that. Once you have learned everything, you should be able to rehearse your learning. And that’s where the demo trading account from this broker comes in. The broker will credit this account with dummy funds and you will trade just like a real trader with that money.

Ease of Entrance into the Market

I can tell you for sure that this broker wants you to start your trading career. It provides you with every opportunity that it can to make sure that you are a part of the online trading world and that you have the chance to make money from your home. So, when you look at the signup requirements from this broker, you can be sure that entering the trading world will not be difficult for you. The signup requirements from this broker are so friendly that even a student can start trading straight away. You have the first account from the broker available to you with a deposit of just $200.

Daily Reports and Signals

Most other brokers will charge you separately for this service. They believe that trading signals help you a lot with successful trading. For this reason, they do not provide you with any signals when you sign up with a basic account. However, if you want to take advantage of trading signals, you have to sign up with an account that is expensive and advanced. With this broker, that’s not going to be the case at all. This broker will allow you to use trading signals even with the most basic account. In addition to that, you will receive a daily report of the market in the form of a video.

This video should help you realize the trends in the market so you can trade in that direction and make sure that your trades are successful and profitable.

Final Thoughts

You will find hundreds of online brokers when you go out on the hunt. However, you will find very few brokers that have regulation in place and a trading platform that you can use from any device of your choice. Not to mention, you will always be looking for flexible trading conditions like the ones provided to you by OffersFX. So, if you are a trader who is on a budget but wants to make money through trading, consider the basic trading account from this broker that starts with just $200.