OKEx Partners With Unstoppable Domain To Improve User Experience

Several crypto service firms and exchanges have recently continued to improve on expansion plans to accommodate the demands of the growing cryptocurrency markets. Partnerships, fundings, and innovative products have also continued to flock to the market, which is arguably the number one investment place in the world at the moment.

Crypto Exchange OKEx, is now the latest to join the bandwagon as it has just announced that it has integrated the services of Unstoppable domains into its services. The overall aim of the new integration is to bolster customer experience.

The new partnership will help provide Domain names for OKEx

OKEx is one of the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchanges leveraging blockchain technology to provide financial services ranging from trading to investment, tailored to its customer’s needs. On the other hand, Unstoppable Domains has been providing domain names for users, particularly for financial purposes.

This new partnership helps OKEx customers carry out transactions like withdrawals and deposits seamlessly using a domain name rather than the usual lengthy virtual account numbers. The integration is one that s believed by all to drive in more customers for OKEx, as the new domain method’s preference has been known to supersede the old traditional number method.

In the press released by OKEx, they also assured users that they could also receive cryptocurrency from either firm into the same domain name instead of providing two different wallet addresses. The new integration benefits cannot be overstated as the users are set to witness world-class innovation. The nature of the domain names provided by Unstoppable Domains are addressed that are affixed to a particular wallet, and the government or any known body does not regulate them as of now.

Domain addresses are the future

Domain addresses might become something more rampant in the cryptocurrency space, as OKEx is not the only one Unstoppable had partnered with to provide such innovative products. It is worthy to note that Unstoppable Domains have recently integrated their service into Winklevoss brothers co-owned Gemini Trust, a crypto exchange providing crypto wallets services for financial transactions.

The innovation is currently gaining ground in the cryptocurrency space as several crypto exchanges are expected in the next few months to partner with Unstoppable Domains. Ethereum powered wallet, MyEtherWallet, is the first recorded wallet to have integrated domain names into its payments.

Innovations continue to be the order of the day in the growing cryptocurrency space, as the service providers are improvising their services to cope with the market’s impending growth, which analysts believe will triple by the end of the year. The preferences and wants of several crypto users and investors will continue to vary over time. Still, the onus will fall on the service providers to continue providing bespoke services tailored to the users’ demand.