Oldest Museum & Binance Await Purchasers of NFTs Comprising Landmark Paintings of World’s Greatest Painters

Once there lived the greatest painter of the world whose name was Leonardo da Vinci, born in France. He lived during the period between 1452 and 1519 and died at the age of 67. Though he died in 1519 but his handmade paintings continue to live for centuries. Today, they are not only monuments taking us seven centuries back but also priceless items of present times.

Paintings drawn by da Vinci are of great interest to worldwide museums and private individuals (who feel proud to own da Vinci’s paintings). But not everyone is so lucky to have one of his paintings.

However, there is a chance of owning NFTs comprising da Vinci’s masterpiece along with NFTs of several great painters of their times. The NFT project, comprising artwork collectibles comprised in digital form, has been funded by Russia’s State Hermitage Museum. This very museum also enjoys its unique popularity because it is the world’s oldest living museum that is located in Saint Petersburg.

The museum has established partnership arrangements with the world’s renowned crypto firm, Binance NFT Marketplace. Binance NFT Marketplace is a company that provides a marketplace for global customers who want to sell their NFTs. Although, Binance NFT Marketplace is relatively new in the NFT market it is utilizing its vast experience from the crypto business.

The partnership aims to sell NFTs comprising digital images of “authentic paintings” hand-crafted by great painters that ever lived. These NFTs comprise Leonardo da Vinci’s Madonna Litta, Claude Monet’s Corner of the Garden, Judith’s Giorgione Judith, and Vincent van Gogh’s Lilac Bush. One cannot buy but can only imagine how priceless these paintings would be in their actual physical form. They are so rare that from now on only museums such as State Hermitage Museum are given exclusive rights to showcase these paintings. They are “not for sale” now and people can watch them only from a certain distance.

So far, the most valuable NFT that was sold ever was one relating to Beeple which was sold against a price of US$ 70 Million approximately. The second most valued NFT sale was of Cryptopunk which was sold against Ethereuom coins worth about US$ 12 Million.

It was a proud moment for Binance because it is an honor and privilege for Binance to host sale of NFTs belonging to some of the greats. With regard to the business point of view, the sale of these NFTs would be a landmark achievement for Binance. Not only its name will be appraised throughout the world but also the sale will help Binance to see its NFT business growing inevitably.

On the other hand, the museum that owns the NFTs is hoping to make huge revenue. The museum wants to utilize the proceeds towards renovation and adding more collectibles to the frames. Details of the NFTs could be found at Binance’s official website.