One should think of Bitcoin as Part of a Retirement Plan, says Scaramucci

Bitcoin’s Low Puts CoinbaseInto Facing Latency Problems

Anthony Scaramucci thinks that they need to incorporate the flagship cryptocurrency into their retirement plans, and as a way of diversifying their portfolio, it will add a good enough kick to the final outcome of their plans. People should be more interested in cryptocurrencies and primarily Bitcoin, because it will help them diversify their portfolio while getting a handsome return on their investment. 

Sure the volatility factor is there, but then Bitcoin as a cryptocurrency rebounds to its previous all-time high volume, which evens out the odds considering a long-term investment which is a retirement plan.

Bitcoin can Amp up your Retirement Plan

According to Anthony Scaramucci, who is the former white house chief of communications, people should be more interested in Bitcoin and already buy some sooner than later as at a certain point in further they will definitely be overjoyed with the rewards Bitcoin is going to bring them as a solid ROI (return on investment). 

There is also an affordability factor as not everyone can afford to buy a whole Bitcoin in its entirety, and here Anthony Scaramucci advised people to go with the bite-size or chunk-wise approach. Keep on Buying the cryptocurrency in small quantity when it is relatively down and then chiming on this investment of theirs and increasing it bit by bit for years to come. 

The retirement plan is such an investment regime where there is no need for the sudden return of the profit nor the money invested, so people can easily lay off of their cryptocurrency and allow it to grow in silence. Sure, there will be market crashes in the future, such as there are now, but it doesn’t mean that market will not rebound and correct itself in the future. 

The volatility factor of the cryptocurrencies is the real reason why Anthony Scaramucci pushes people to invest in it as he believes that a century from now, people will definitely be using this technology and be laying off of the traditional way of engaging into buying/selling the goods and services (commerce) or using the fiat currency.